Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Reading Thing

My friend Karlene always does a summer reading thing contest. In fact, that is the whole reason I started this blog 2 years ago. But not this year. Karlene's daughter is getting married in a couple of weeks. 15 days, 13 hours and some odd minutes to be exact. But who is counting? (they are, in fact, and that is where I got the time)

The point being that Karlene says she is too busy to host a reading thing this summer. So I was going to have no reason to read something other than text books this summer. Who are we kidding? I would read for fun anyway because I don't know how to not. But then LDSPublisher decided to host a Summer Reading Thing and I decided to sign up.

The rest of the post is lifted from the LDS Publisher blog. I will post my list in the next post.

Join us for the Summer Reading Thing 2009 reading challenge!

SRT 2009 is a great opportunity to set a reading goal and to share what you're reading with your bloggy friends. This "challenge" is meant to be fun and there are only a few rules.

Who: Anyone and everyone! Need a little incentive to read? Or just want to share some good books? This challenge is for you.

What: This is a low-pressure, easy challenge. You set your own goals. All you have to do is make a list of fiction by LDS authors that you want to read during the challenge (as few as one, or as many as you want). You can make changes to your list as needed—drop books that weren't as fun as you thought they'd be; add books if you finish early. Set the goals that fit your schedule. No pressure, no minimums. (We'd like to encourage you to pick at least one title posted on the LDS Fiction site, but that's optional. And YES, you may use titles that you're already using for other challenges, as long as they're by LDS authors.)

Post a short review on your blog of at least one of the books you read during the challenge. If you like to do reviews, you can post one for each of the books you read. Please keep the reviews family friendly. I'll set up a Mr. Linky where you can link to your reviews. (Don't have a blog? Keep reading.)

When: Summer Reading Thing 2009 runs June 1 through August 31.

Where: Post your goals and your reviews on your blog. If you don't have a blog, Karlene Browning has agreed to make one available to you. Simply e-mail your list and reviews to her and she'll post and link you up, making you eligible for prizes.

Why: We really want to encourage reading—especially reading of fiction written by LDS authors. Also, we love reader reviews—it helps us find good books to read. Plus, reading together provides motivation and fun; it also builds friendships across the blogosphere.

How: Make your list and post it on your blog. Then link to your post using the Sign-up Mr. Linky. As you read your books, post a review on your blog and link to your review post using the Review Mr. Linky. At the end of the challenge, post a wrap-up and link to the Wrap-up Mr. Linky (coming the end of August).

Prizes: Yes, there will be prizes. Yes, they will be books. Some will be provided by me (a few gently read); others will be provided by authors or publishers. (If you're an author or publisher and you want to provide a prize, send me an e-mail.) We'll give away one prize each week. Due to shipping costs, you must live in the U.S. or Canada to win a prize. (Sorry.)

Ways to earn entries for prizes:

•Sign up to participate in the Summer Reading Thing at the Sign-up Mr. Link here. (1 entry; does not expire. Re-enters you every week.)

•Post a review on your blog and add it to the Review Mr. Linky. (1 entry per review; does not expire. Each review re-enters you every week.)
•Put a Summer Reading Thing 2009 button (see below) on your blog, website or Facebook profile. Leave a comment here to let me know you've done that. (1 entry per site; does not expire. Re-enters you every week.)
•Put an LDS Publisher button (click here) on your blog, website or Facebook Profile. Leave a comment here to let me know you've done that. (1 entry per site; does not expire. Re-enters you every week.)
•Leave a thoughtful comment on a post at LDS Fiction or LDS Fiction Review (1 entry per comment; entries expire at the end of the week.)
•Post a wrap-up and link to the Wrap-up Mr. Linky (coming the end of August).

The more books you review and the more comments you make, the better your chances to win a book.


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