Monday, June 8, 2009

What is a percussionist favorite instrument?

Anything they can hit. As witnessed in these videos.

This will be the last of the video posts. These are from Jacob's final band concert.

George of the Jungle

Over 70 Percussion Students


Proof that they will play anything

If you didn't catch Jake's joke in the middle, I'll post it at the bottom*

Jake has a timbali solo in the next clip. He had to make it up during the performance, so what you see and hear is pure improvisation.

Cha Cha Rufus

He is so excited for marching band this year because he doesn't have to carry the banner in the parade anymore. Nope, he is bona fide member of drumline. Go Jake!

*You all know that driving an SUV is bad for the economy, right?

I agree with that. That's why I drive an 18 wheeler! ba dump dum.

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Dad Mom said...

Awl right on the drums and I;ll have to remember the joke. I liked that one. Go Jake Love Grandpa