Friday, July 3, 2009

Good times

Yesterday was a good day. The boys had marching band and Matt spent the day with Whitney. Jess, Brandi and I went to Logan to my sister's house where we had lunch with her, her family, my niece and my brother and sister-in-law who are visiting from yesterday's Where in the World spot- Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It has been about 6-7 years since I have seen them. Australia is a long and expensive trip from here. Someday before they move back here I would like to be able to go see them there.

Wynn barbequed meat for all of us, the kids jumped on the trampoline, played with Andy's dog, the grownups chatted and talked and tried to cram everything we wanted to chat about into a few hours. Then Dustin and Cindy left to rest and the girls and I went to a craft store, then a dress shop and then headed home.

All in all it was a pretty good day.

Next Where in the World clue for tomorrow's destination:

The sixth most populous city in the US and carries the nicknames of "City of Brotherly Love", "The City that Loves you Back", "Cradle of Liberty", "The Quaker City", and "The Birthplace of America."
You can see a bronze statue of William Penn or Benjamin Franklin

The Declaration of Independence was debated and adopted here

And the most give away clue- The Liberty Bell can be seen here

Have a happy and safe 4th of July. But during all of your parade and fireworks watching don't forget those that still put their lives on the line everyday to make sure that you still have the privilidge of doing these things. They fight for liberty still. Be aware of what is going on in and around our country and make sure that you also do what needs to be done to preserve those rights and liberty.

And to my sons in Iraq- I love you and am proud of you!


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loretta said...

Philadelphia---a place I would LOVE to visit!

Karlene said...


Thanks for helping with the iPod/iTunes issue. Worked great. I was taking a nap when you called. Frustration makes me sleepy.