Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 Decade!!!

10 years! It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since I got the phone call telling me that I had 1 hour to decide if it was the day my family would be complete or not.

10 years since Brandi was born and joined our noisy, boisterous family.

10 years since I had to start learning about how to take care of springy hair and purchase so many different hair products and barrettes and clips and elastics and..... who knew? I swear she has more hair stuff than Jess and I combined.

10 years of Tiggers.

10 years of laughter.

10 years of silliness.

10 years of refrigerator art.

10 years of assorted soccer balls in their various forms and sizes- pillows, drawings, table top games, pop up goals, real soccer balls, yo-yo soccer balls..... you name it, it has appeared here in one form or another. Yesterday she asked me for a soccer ball charm for a bracelet.

10 years of pink ballerina girlyness, tu-tus, ribbons, tap shoes, ballet slippers, tulle, lace..... all pink

10 years of unconditional love and happiness.

10 years of sparkly eyes that light up when she sees me. Or in mischief when she is telling a joke or story.

Happy Birthday Brandi!!!

And for those of you that guessed Thanksgiving Point Gardens for yesterday's Where In the World? you would be right. I had tickets to the gardens that I got in the Ken Garff Keys to success program at school. The tickets gave us admission to both the gardens and the Children's Discovery Gardens so we did both.

Here is the birthday girl at one attraction in the Children's Garden, called appropriately enough, The Bear Den.

And here you can see that this bear gave her no problems at all

She's such a ham.

Now we are off to Logan to see my brother and his wife who are visiting from our next Where In the World destination. From the tourism site for this city:

"This city is Australia’s third-largest city. Visitors can join locals and see it all from the top of Mount Coot-tha or cruise the River to South Bank’s sandy beach on the City Cat. For a different take on the city, explore culture at the new Gallery of Modern Art or get up close with a local at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, home to koalas and kangaroos. For a peek at the past, visit the Windmill and Old Commissariat Store, built by convicts in 1828."

I have deleted the name of the city and the Australian state from the above passage, but decided to leave the country name as a hint to help you guess. So, Where in the World are we?

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Jeri said...

I didn't know it - but after a quick google search, I know it now!

Dad Mom said...

Been there. Love Mom

Karlene said...

Happy Birthday, Brandy!!!

Dad Mom said...

Yep, been there saw the animals and rode the city cat. Love Dad