Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where in the world?

Last summer Karlene took a road trip with her daughter. She had a blog contest with prizes and everything. This year her daughter got married so there was no road trip, but there was SNORT in which so far I have won 2 prizes.

When Karlene was deciding what to do since she wouldn't be doing a road trip, I said that she could do a virtual road trip, giving us clues about where she might be and we could guess where she was. Kind of as if she were Carmen San Diego.

Since Karlene didn't do a virtual road trip, Brandi and I thought that we would, starting with yesterday's adventure. Here are a few pictures and clues.

We drove less than 30 miles to the home of Utah's largest tulip festival and North America's largest man made waterfall.

Creek Garden entrance

Rose Garden Pergola

Fragrance Garden gazebo

Brandi taking a break in the shade

Fragrance Garden again

We spent 4 hours, most of it walking. The brochure/map says that there are 15 themed gardens and is an oasis of growth, discovery and botanical beauty. And my favorite part? It is ok to walk on the grass. In fact, they invite you to.

I had not been here for about 9 years and Brandi does not remember when we went because she was about 11-14 months old. But we went when it was hot and the sun was out, something I don't do because the sun makes me physically ill. And I came home ill. And sunburnt. But happy. I didn't get the office done- again. I didn't get my chapter read for school. But we made memories that Brandi won't forget.

So where do you think we went?


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Jeri said...

easy cheesy lemon squeezy. I know the answer!!! Twice in the past we've purchased the yearly family pass. I won't say the whole answer out loud - just in case people cheat...but I'll give the initials. T.P.G.

I LOVE the smell of the fragrance garden in the spring. you can smell it before you even get there...

Cami said...

I was thinking T.G.P. ! Lol! Hoping to get there before summer's end, but, who knows? At the beginning of every week I think to myself, "now THIS will be the week I won't have such a tight schedule! Ha! You know how that goes! :) Thanks for sacrificing your health so we could enjoy the pictures!

ShazBraz said...

I've never been there!

Karlene said...

Been there. Gorgeous!

I may still do a mini road trip later in the summer. Haven't decided. But I'm dejunking my house. I can provide prizes for you to give away if you want.

For example, I have a perfectly good can of Suave deodorant that I only used twice because the fragrance gives me a headache.

And I have some other smelly soap stuff that Jim brought home last Christmas. Someone got it as a white elephant at his work and didn't want it so they gave it to Jim. (Why he didn't pass it on to someone else. . .)

Oh, and some sugar free cookies that taste nasty! I only ate one of them. They're only a week old so they're probably not even stale yet.

Dad Mom said...

Don't know where it is, but would like to go there next time we are up. Dad