Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I went back to work today. We had a mandatory staff-elty meeting. Those meetings are long and bo-ring. Tomorrow is sophmore day. Only the sophomores will be there so they can get a feel for where things are without everyone else pushing and shoving their way down the hall. That lasts from 10-12. Then home to get ready for my new class that starts tomorrow night.

I finally got my grade for the final I took last Wed. I only got a 96 on the test. Bummer, I was hoping for higher, but it didn't lower my gpa much- I have a 3.95.

Yesterday Matt and I went up to the U to try and figure out his financial aid. The U has been very hard to work with and their webpages are hard to understand and navigate. But it is mostly figured out. I think.

I figured while we were there we just as well get his books while there were still some used ones. Then we got his parking pass. Then we were going to drive to the other side of campus and talk to the housing office people. But there was construction and they were cutting a gas main so we were not allowed to even turn on the car. So we walked instead. It was all uphill from where we parked. I was glad I wore my walking shoes and not my sandals. I got a good workout.

He moves Sat. afternoon after Brandi's soccer game. I am not sure I am ready for him to be all grown up and moved out. He plans on putting his mission papers in in time to leave about 3 weeks after school ends in early May. 9 months! Too soon, too soon.

Rumors about an earlier home time for Donovan and Trevor, but you know how military rumors go- they change with the wind. We have heard a bunch of similar rumors before and they all changed, so we will see.

I have read two books that are waiting a review and am in the middle of one for a blog tour and need to start another, also for a blog tour.

Right now my feet hurt- shopping with Matt again today and then walking Brandi to and from soccer practice. I think I am going to go lay down and read.


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L.Jo said...

Tip for next semester (and the other three kids): never, never, NEVER buy textbooks at the campus bookstore!!! Find out what books they need (usually you can look it up by course/section either on the bookstore web page or a course description page or something similar. I would take this semester to find that if the U's website is really bad.) and get the ISBN#. Then go to half.com and order them there. I got books for less than $5 that would have cost $15 or more in the bookstore . . . I just wish it hadn't taken three semesters to figure it out. The only drawback is you need to order pretty much as soon as you know what you need to make sure they get to you on time. Of course, you have to do the same thing to get the cheapest used books at the bookstore anyway . . .

Sandra said...

That was the reason we went to the bookstore to start with. I wanted to see what texts he needed and then get them somewhere else, but the used ones were so inexpensive that I went ahead and got them. Jess's books aren't really books and she gets them at the campus store and most of them come included with her tuition. My books are online so I print them off free at the campus study place. If I really want the hard bound book, I have to purchase it, but we don't have a book store so half.com or amazon has been my place to go.

I wish that had been around my first time at college- eons ago. I have a feeling next semester we will need to be using it for Matt. He is in the honors program and a lot of his books are written by the professors, so not available at half.com.

But that is a great tip.

Karlene said...

You ONLY got a 96?!? For shame!!

Thanks for letting me hang out yesterday. It was good to just chat with you. Miss that.