Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy day

Long story short, Brandi's soccer coach called for a practice on Friday evening. And it was a great practice. He taught them where they should be standing on the field, how to pass to each other, what position plays where and what they do in that position, he went over rules of the game, they ran, they did drills, they passed the ball, the played. And he talked to them about the fact that they have as much right to the ball as the other team and taught them to stop being so nice. If someone falls, just keep playing. If the ball comes to you, don't stop it and then stand there asking for permission to kick it.

Today, they played great. Like a team. They owned that ball. They were all over it. And it was great. They were playing so well that I got out my camera and turned it to the video option to take a bit of video of them playing so well.

Lucky that I did when I did- I got video of the one goal they made today!! And it was the only goal of the game!!!

I would show it to you, but I can't get it to upload. I'll keep trying though.

After yesterday's practice, I understand soccer a whole lot more. I think the girls do to. And that's a good thing.

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Cami said...

We just started soccer practices yesterday! Turned out that the coach of our team was sick, or injured or something. I was a little worried because this happened to us in basketball last season also. So he said his son was going to take his place. A red light went off. Turns out I was wrong! The boy is 18 and plays soccer! He's wonderful! The kids love him and he's not afraid of random practices between games! We'll see what happens, but so far, so good! We don't start our games until August 27!!! Glad yours are going well....good luck with the start of school next week! I'm excited to go back!

Sandra said...

I'm glad it is finally going better with soccer. I didn't tell you about the fight the coach and I had over no practices and that is the reason there was a practice on Friday to start with. I was embarassed about arguing with the coach but he felt that a practice on Friday and a game on Sat. was "too much activity for the girls. They're only 10 &11 and that much activity will kill them" I'm not kidding. He said that to me.

Cami said...

I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read your comment back to me! *snicker* does her coach have a child? O man. Thanks for making me smile today. :) Just out of curiosity, have you read Abinadi? As soon as I'm finished reading Day of Remembrance, I think I would like to try that one. A woman in Seagull bookstore said that she read it and loved it and can't wait for the next one, which I believe she said will be called "Alma?"

Sandra said...

yes the coach has a daughter on the team and she is a greata goalie, but I couldn't believe when he told me that. I turned around and walked away.

I loved Abinadi. I loved that she made him young in her book. David and I disagree on that, but it worked and her reasons for doing it work. You'll read those reasons in her forward to the book. But I would have been just as happy with the book if she had made him old. I think you'll like it.

The cover for Alma is beautiful and I can hardly wait for it. Just a few more weeks.

Cami said...


G. Parker said...

Hey Sandra -- email me please!! I am sooo sad about Urban Botanics...I just found out.