Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random stuff

Brandi and I had appointments at Evans Hairstyling College this morning. Brandi for braids, me for a cut and style. I have gone to Evans off and on for almost 25 years now. I used to make my appointment for 30 minutes to close so that Mr. Evans would cut my hair while the student watched. And I always ask for an advanced student. I forgot to do that for today's appointments. We got beginner students that have just barely finished class work and this is their first couple of weeks on the floor with real people.

I showed my stylist a couple of pictures of what I wanted done. I could tell by the look on her face that she had no clue. She got close, though. But I am glad that they have an instructor come check before we leave. The instructor showed her how to razor my hair to take some of the bulk out. I have A LOT of hair and if you don't thin it, it won't do the cute style but just lay in a heavy, droopy mess- as it was doing until the instructor fixed it. But even she didn't get the bangs right. Oh well, in about 6-8 weeks it will need shaped up and I will remember to ask for an advanced student.

Brandi's braids are not what I asked for either. I wanted a bunch of tiny braids all over her head. What she got was some thicker braids all over her head. Most of the braids should actually be 3-4 braids. And they used no elastics- at the top or at the ends. And the ends were all frizzy. I had to ask them to put the cream on that stops that. They should have been using it on each and every braid. And then when they were done, they should have gone back and trimmed all the pieces of hair that were sticking out of the braid. But they didn't. I put elastics in the ends when we got home and I will trim the braids tomorrow after we wash them. I really can't fault them, though. They are beginning students, and around here when braiding is taught, it is taught on white women and about white women's hair. But black hair is just different. I should suggest that they have a guest black woman come and teach about braids and black hair. (and next time, ask for an advanced student)

Soccer. Remember the e-mail I sent the coach asking about practice times? I got this reply:

We also want the girls to learn how to play soccer and to have fun. I will pass your comments on to Bryan and Chris about additional practices. I haven't seen a schedule of practices, so I'll see if I can email one out to everyone.

Please remember that the coaches are volunteers. Bryan and Chris are the coaches because the PG Rec called and asked them to do it. They are doing their best. If you would like to help them coach, I'm sure they would appreciate the extra help.

At the first practice, they decided to have a 30 minute practice prior to each game due to the often twice a week game schedule. It will also keep the skills fresh in their minds for the game. If that is not enought for Brandy, encourage her to practice kicking, running, and dribbling the soccer ball at home.

Well, I require at least 20 minutes a day of kicking, running and dribbling as well as juggling, but I don't see how that is going to help her learn to play as a team. I sent back an e-mail saying that even though I don't know anything about soccer, I would be willing to rotate with other parents in supervising at least one 1 hour practice/week.

When I talked to the rec center, I was told that they would talk to the coach and see what they could do, but that he really didn't want to coach, but the other coach had to drop out so they begged this one to help out. Maybe I should go get that Coaching Soccer for Dummies book after all.
There is a game today at noon, so we will see how that goes. (I got the e-mail reminder at midnight)

I am doing a Power Point presentation on Wed. night about paranoid schizophrenia. My team is using clips from A Beautiful Mind to help us. We have 30 minutes. In putting together my part, I had 35 minutes of clips I wanted to use. I finally got it cut down to 6:32 minutes about 12:30 this morning. Now I just need to write a diagnosis and treatment plan on someone else and get it turned in. I guess I should find someone to interview, huh?

Sewing room is 1/2 way mucked out so all my sewing/craft stuff should be able to go back in there by Tuesday evening and then I can start on the food storage room. I better hurry if I want it done by the end of summer, because I got my letter from the school today saying first day of work is the 18th and band camp for the boys is all next week, so no help from them)

Next week is LDSBA, my favorite event of the year. I get to go check out all the new releases from publishers. Any publisher/author you want me to check in particular?

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Noelle said...

I'm seriously bugged by this whole coaching issue...

Mr. Woolley...where are you when Sandra needs you?

If I knew anything I would come and coach them.

Karlene said...

Can't wait for LDSBA. Bring your camera!