Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good news moment

Today's game went better. When we got there, the first thing Brandi said was, "Our assistant coach is here. I like him, he's cool."

He started the girls out kicking the ball to each other. Then he divided them up according to what he was going to have them play. The coach took some of the girls- the defenders and the goalie, and the assistant took the rest of them. He would throw a ball to them and had them kick it back to him, but he gave them directions on where he wanted the ball to go or how he wanted them to control it. When the ball didn't go where they intended, he stopped, showed them what they did wrong and how to do it right. All in a nice, encouraging way. This coach I like.

The other coach's wife, the one that sent me the lovely e-mail? When she got there she was giving me the look of death. Its a good thing looks don't kill... Then. then another mother arrived and asked for a schedule of practice times. "We aren't having pratices other than game days because with two games a week, when are you supposed to practice?" was her reply. (really? there were 7 days in a week last time I looked)

I didn't say anything. Then a father came and asked. Then one or two or six of the players. And a couple more parents. I said nothing. I didn't even look over there. I was suddenly engrossed in the jet flying across the sky, re-tying my shoe, moving my chair 1/8" over, checking my water bottle, whatever. There is another practice on Tuesday, the day before the next game.

The team before us finished late. I think they started late. It was hot. I was thinking about 98-100* but the assistant coach said it was 4000*. Before the game was over, I agreed with him. So did the girls.

Beginning of game.

Brandi played left mid-field this week.

When I asked, Matt said it is because she is in the middle of the field.

Makes sense.

I guess

This video is at almost 1/2 time

You can tell the girls are getting hot and tired

The coaches were really good about rotating the girls in and out so they could get water and stay hydrated

They played better today and twice they almost made a goal. You know, those groaner times because the ball doesn't go in?

And they stopped the other team from making a goal. Every time.
Except one.
Maybe next week.

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Karlene said...

Guess you showed her, huh? If they never get to practice, how do they get any better?

ShazBraz said...

Good! Glad it's going better.

Cami said...

Soccer is just starting for us. I wish I had put Christopher through a soccer camp. He has some talent, but unfortunately, ..... well, I don't need to tell you about the coaching. I myself cannot complain because I could never coach. In baseball I can yell some form of direction, in soccer I would never dare. I can cheer him on though, and I will. Good luck with it, I'm learning quite a bit from reading your blog! :) As for the wife of the coach....well.

Sandra said...

The best part was that the only thing I said was the original e-mail. I hadn't talked to anyone else because I really didn't want to be the griping, whining mother- I hate that.

And Cami, if you are learning soccer from me...

Cami said...

:) Lol.......I am. Maybe you could pass along the Soccer for Dummies book when you're finished with it? BTW, don't know if you're into quilting, but there is a fabulous quilt show at the Springville Museum of Art that you might like to venture to.