Monday, August 3, 2009

Our trip to South America?

For my final Where in the World post I told you about the Land of Eternal Spring, which is Guatemala. Someday I will go there and see it for myself. Until then I will have to settle for this:

Entering South America

Temple wall?

Black Knife fish

Dwarf Caiman

Rainbow Boa constrictor

River Sting Ray

Some kind of poison dart frog (blue maybe?)

Rowing down the Amazon

We were here and it was a blast and we will be going back soon.


Cami said...

Reminds me of an e-mail I just received from a friend asking me if I would be interested in helping to open an orphanage in Africa next year. The thought is tempting, but I'm afraid I'm not quite to that season in my life! Lol! Can you see me now, dragging my 10 and 13 year olds through the jungle...towing mom along in some sort of wheeled chair?! I can't quite grasp that. Guatamala, (I spelled that wrong, didn't I...) sounds beautiful...again, maybe another season in life. I want to go everywhere. :) It's been fun traveling through your the pictures too....

loretta said...

We went there for Spring Break & loved it! LOVED petting the sting rays!

Karlene said...

Fun! And Brandi is pretty brave to pet that snake. I wouldn't do it.

Sandra said...

She would pet the snake- twice! but was scared to touch the sting ray. Go figure. And if you were there, you would have noticed that I was not as close as it looks, I used the zoom lens.

I am one of those people that walk through the reptile house at the zoo with my back to the center because I don't want to even acknowledge that the snakes are there. There are few things I am afraid of in this life, but snakes are top of that short list.

Cami said...

Me too. And yet I bought my son a beautiful red, yellow and black corn snake when he turned 11. It was just an incredibly intense experience all the way around....shudder. One night he got out. We couldn't find him anywhere. I let Dakota stay home to help me look because snakes are nocturnal and I couldn't sleep! I was worried about it crawling around all over us in the night! We found it in Dakota's drawer and took it back to the pet store. I can handle garter snakes and garden snakes because he can put them back when he's finished. Pet snakes. Never again. Ugh.