Monday, September 7, 2009

BYU Women's soccer

I know, you probably feel that all I post about anymore is soccer. I promise to vary that with marching band in a couple of weeks.

Actually, I have a stack of 5 books I have finished and want to review, 1 that is part of a blog tour and another one that is waiting to be read to be part of a blog tour, training for Americorps, cleaning up the food storage room, and the boys will be home in about 3 weeks instead of 3 months!!

But the subject of this post is soccer. Brandi's new team were ball girls for BYU Women's soccer team on Friday night. The girls went to their coach's house for a pizza/swim party and then moms drove them to the BYU stadium. Brandi's dad and I joined them at the stadium to watch the game.

Ok, I have to tell you the truth here. Watching a college soccer game is very different than watching a 10 year old city rec center game. Very. Different. I thought I would be bored. I wasn't. I spent enough time watching Brandi practice this summer, that I understood the rudiments of the game. But I wish I had had someone to sit next to that understood the game to explain it to me. Brandi's dad sat between me and the other moms so I couldn't ask them.*

The girls were so excited to be there, but they did get a bit bored towards the end and Brandi was "disgusted with the satelite guy". (he was part of the broadcast team) He stepped on her water bottle and smooshed it. It is a metal bottle. I really need to find her a good sturdy bottle. Any suggestions?

Picture time:

Before the game

Getting ready to take the field

Watching the game

This is right after she retrieved the ball
for the team

It got exciting
Final score was
William & Mary 1- BYU 0
W&M made their goal at the very end of a sudden death overtime

The girls played a scrimmage during half time
They met the BYU team after the game
Got posters and had the team sign their balls
Brandi doesn't want to use her ball anymore
because she doesn't want the signatures to rub off
She wanted me to buy her a new ball today
But I didn't because she has 3 others

*(mark this on your calendars- I am going to say something in his defense- I am claustrophobic and have to sit on the outside of the aisle. He did ask part way through if I wanted to switch places with him, but by then there were so many people that I would not have been able to breath.)


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Jennifer said...

I really like the Camelback water bottles.

Kay Scott said...

Fun opportunity for Brandi. I always love all your posts and think soccer is a fine subject. Hurray for the boys coming home sooner than expected!

Sandra said...

I like the camelbacks as well, but she can't wear hers while playing. So, it needs to be something else.

Cami said...

:) I'm glad you're having fun with this....we won our last soccer game and it was a fun one. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

loretta said...

Just don't feel overwhelmed after training this week. It sounds worse than it really is! I can walk you through it. :)

Brillig said...

Um... I would have thought that a metal bottle was the way to go! Apparently not, when there are satellite guys on the loose. Haha.

And you, my dear, will soon be the ultimate soccer-rules pro! Then you'll be the lady people want to sit by so you can explain the game to them!