Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why am I so tired.

I spent the last 2 days in Ogden being trained with Americorp on my new/additional/extra/different duties. I am not really sure how it is all going to fit with what I am already doing, but the principal and I will figure it out.

For some reason the drive up there has made me tired both days. I slept the night before, but by the time I hit the Point of the Mountain (and all the gridlock) I was feeling as if I could go back to bed and sleep some more.

Last night I had class right after I got home so it was late when I headed to bed. Tonight I headed to bed early, but got a phone call as I was getting ready to close all the open windows on the computer. It was my a member of my learning team. We had scheduled a conference call for tonight to work on the paper that is due next Wed. The one I am compiling. I had forgotten we agreed to do it tonight. I am glad I hadn't made it to bed yet.

We have been learning to read body and face language and we had to look at each other's faces and tell what we see in them, after telling what we see in our own face and what we think others see in our face. I found it interesting that the rest of my learning team sees softness in me- "a person that has seen life and knows how to deal with it, but hasn't let it make her hard" I thought they would see life weariness because that is what I see when I look in the mirror.

And the good thing they all said- So few wrinkles for a grandma. In fact, both of the trainers at Americorp this past week were surprised to find out I was old enough to have 7 children and then even more surprised that I had 2 grandkids! And I was sure to tell them that I was older than both my sisters that also do Americorp. And this is the first time I have ever been called by my younger sister's name. My whole life I was called by my older sister's name, Dawna. One time my picture was in the paper, but it was Dawna's name underneath. Not fun. But I have never been called Sharon before.

Now I really and truly am going to bed before I fall asleep in my chair.


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Cami said...

I'm with you...zzzzzzzzzzz.. hmmm..could be the soccer, baseball, dinner, dishes, laundry, work, homework, church callings, dr. appointments, piano lessons....maybe that's why we fall asleep with our eyes open! Who has time for wrinkles! Lol!

David G. Woolley said...

Americorp? Really? The same group that's affiliated with ACRON? Really? The same group that is getting billions in stimulus package money? What's that stimulating? It doesn't build a factory. It doesn't build any industry. Its a service group. Zero GDP production. No way tax dollars should be given to Americorp under guise of "Stimulating the Economy?

Americporp? The same group that is being sued across the country for corruption? For fraud? For illegally using TAX dollars for all kinds of personal perks for its leaders?

Americorp? The same group President Obama said he will use to develop a local army of youth as PAID volunteers with all kinds of beneifts to get them hooked on government jobs so they won't have any other options than to look to the federal government for their means of support? The same group that the government is using to form any army as strong as the military (Obama's words).

Are you kidding me? Americorp is a nasty, money laundering, corrupt as the day is long organization! Sorry. I've just read too much not to shake my head. Americorp. ACORN. SEIU. Three of the most corrupt quazi-governmentally supported organizatons our country has every seen in its entire history.

You may want to do some more reserach on these folks before you jump in with them.

Karlene said...

Soooo tired, too. I have so much respect and admiration for you and all you accomplish, despite life's little (and not-so-little) hurdles.

Sandra said...

Cami- I know, it just never stops, does it? I should move to a mountain top, far away from people and things with some cows, chickens, pigs... and just be happy with my animals and gardens.

Karlene-or maybe I should move to Hawaii with you and forget the mountaintop farm

David- send me some links to look at because after talking with my principal today we both have some other concerns but I have to say yay or nay by Monday morning. A lot of fasting and praying going on this weekend.

David G. Woolley said...

Americorp people scare me. When I see an organization that is corrupt, that associates with other corrupt organizations, that uses people for corrupt ends I say Gadianton and walk away...

tawnya said...
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tawnya said...
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tawnya said...

Blargh. Nevermind. What I will say is this, though. Glenn Beck is one of the most hatefilled and evil men on TV right now and I wouldn't trust him with my garbage. Most of the links provided are the same. All I ask is that you get your information from credible sources and not ones whose job it is to spew as much hatred and lies about things they fear as they possibly can.

David G. Woolley said...


Balderdash on two points. First the links.

#1 was written by Byron York, editor of the Washington Examiner, one of the most reputable and respected periodicals in politics. So is Bryon. That isn't Glenn Beck

#2 Was written by Michelle Malkin who's new book, Culture of Corruption, has been the New York Times #1 bestseller for the past four weeks. She is a conservative writer and appears on lots of conservative and liberal shows. Again, she's no Glenn Beck, but increasingly, she's become the go to person on corruption in government, which, by the way, is the topic that makes me queezy about Americorp. Not their stated aims, but their under the table doings. What they do when they think no one else is watching. I just don't feel comfortable about that.

#7 and #8 I will spare you the discussion of the other links and skip to the Glenn Beck links. Glenn is a preacher. He sermonizes. And, in my opinoin, he's telling Americans exactly what they need to hear which is: Forget the ideology. Get rid of the courruption. And don't let the slow morale creep into the sewer desensitize you from recognizing corruption and immoral practice when its perpetrated under the guise of legitimate government or social justice.

Glenn is not hateful. He is succinct. And he's certainly not afraid to call it as he sees it. You may think of that as unrestrained. I happen to believe that in these unrestrained times, Americans, many of whom do not have a preacher to point out evil, are in need of a voice of morality. Even an unrestrained voice.

You likely live in Utah. If you lived back East where morality, social ridiculousness, and wide-spread corruption is rampant in everyday life, you may see things differently.

David G. Woolley said...

And Tawnya:

One more point. For years liberal activits (not thinkers, but activists) have pointed the finger of hate at anyone they disagreed with. They called their ideaological opponenets haters, racists, women's rights abusers, uncompassionate of the poor, uncompassionate of the down trodden, the usuper of rights.

I admit that I used to let that silence my point of view. I didn't want to be considered a hater. However, I have changed my point of view. I have begun to realize that the progressive, radical, liberal fringe in our country has gained far too much influence over cherised freedoms and values and family by calling others haters. I'm not detered by that anymore. I don't mind being called a hater because I know I am not one.

How many racist situations, the noose on the door of the Columbia professor, the recent dust up with Obama and his professor friend at Harvard, the nooses hanging from trees at UofI were perpetrated by liberals hoping to continue the false claims of racism by conservative thinkers. Every. Single. One. IN the past ten years have been faked for the news media to continue the power of the HATER claims against opponents.

I don't have a problem telling my family and friends that government social programs breed laziness, and destroy the family. And I'm not a hater for claiming that. I am actually more compassionate. I want to life up the sufferer, not throw him in the pit.

When the government becomes the provider, the children look to the government instead of looking to their parents for their needs. When the government mandates charity your acts of compassion ceases to be charitable and becomes coercive. How charitable is it, really, for government to mandate my compliance to be charitable? You can call it assistance, but it has little to do with a charitable, concerned-for-the-downtrodden ideal.

(continued below...)

David G. Woolley said...

When I walk across the street and give my struggling neighbor one dollar, that neighbor gets all one hundred cents of assistance. When the government takes my one dollar from me, sends it to washington, gives ten cents of that dollar to operate congress, another twenty cents to the deparment of Health and Human Services to pay their secretaries, their staff and their paperworking managerie, fifteen more cents to the risidual bueracracy in washington, and dumps another fifteen cents for corruption where outscourcing groups get their hands on money they have no business having, then sends back the remaning forty cents to the Utah Department of HHS which skims off another twenty cents for their employees before calling up a private service provider and pays them fifteen cents to drive over to my neighbors house to deliver the reamining five cents into the grateful hands of my neighbor, you tell me how efficient government dole is. It isn't charitable. It isn't efficient. And it doesn't work. It is unsustainable. It destroys communities. It disrupts families.

And what happens to my neighborliness when my neighbor is in trouble and there are so many progressive/liberal government help programs available for his choosing? I see his pain. I see his need, but hey, I gave at the office. I paid my taxes. Heck, I gave them nearly fifty percent of my earnings, so I aint giving anymore to anyone. I gave at the office. And I tell my neighbor, "Jim, there's a government program for you. Why don't you go on down and sign up for some help." And then I shut my door, shut my windows and wait for him to get with it and sign up for his five cents.

It is very telling that Joe Biden and Obama, prior to becomming president and vice president gave a whoopping $1,000.00 to charity on income of millions of dollars. Why? Because they believe that government dole is more than enough. Compare that to the hated, villified, evil George Bush, who, after paying taxes, contributed an additional twenty percent of his income to help his neighbor, above and beyond any government dole program. Who was his neighbor's keeper, really?

Government dole destroys neighborhoods. It turns children against their parents in terribly sublte, but destructive ways. It makes people lazy. And, in may instances it promotes corruption by making people lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. They lie on their taxes. They claim dependents that aren't dependents. They set up companies that are not companies. They obviscate, hide, and do everything they can to present themselves as needy. The whole system is corrupt.

I used to pray for my government and its leaders that they would make the right choices. I still do, but I increasingly pray that I will be protected from my government and its leaders. Like Thomas Jefferson was fond of saying: When the government fears the people, there is freedom. When the people fear government there is tyrrany.

I increasingly fear my government, but I, along with Glenn Beck, am not a hater. Unless you call hatred of Government tyrrany a new category of hatred.

tawnya said...

David - I will respect my sister's wishes and not get into a political debate with you, though nothing would make me happier than putting you in your place and shutting you up for good.

However, I will say this. You do not know ANYTHING about me. Where I've lived, what I've lived through, what I've seen. You do not know my core values nor my politics. You do not know my credentials nor my background. Do not purport to assume you need to educate me about anything. I can assure you, you do not.

Also, I do find it odd that I never ONCE said anything about you, yet you felt it necessary to "defend yourself against the liberal" in three separate comments when I never called you a hater. I called Glen Beck one. I will call Ann Coulter one. They have jobs that rely on spreading hate and misinformation. They ARE less interested in the truth (the WHOLE truth) than the snippits that they can twist for their minons to pounce on. It happens on both sides, certainly, but those two have it down to an art. They make it extremely difficult to listen to any good they say because of their tactics.

Coulter routinely makes the NY bestseller list as well as does Stephenie Meyer. The best seller list doesn't suddenly make someone readable or credible, in my opinion.

The point of my comment stands. I would hope that ANYONE would go to credible sources and read things from both sides instead of clinging to the shirttails of one whose job it is to stir the divide.

David G. Woolley said...

Get rid of the corruption.

David G. Woolley said...

That isn't how it works. You call someone with whom I may happen to agree a hater. The result is that I distance myself from them or from their beliefs or values, not because I disagree with them, but because I fear being labled a hater. That's how it has worked for decades in this country. Call them haters, get people to run away in fear of being "lumped" together with them, and the argument is resolved by fear rather than principle.

So I will repeat again, I won't let the HATE lable distance me from men and women of morality, who decry tyranny, and who want to rid our country of corruption. I'll stand by them as they stand by our constitution. Its time the hate lable went away. Its time the mongering went away. Its time to stand up.

Dustin and Cindy said...


Lets just go with your modus operandi and use NY Times #1 Bestsellers as our sources of information.

Clearly your fear is misplaced in the appropriation and distribution of government stimulus packages. I distinctly remember reading, (and mind you this has come from a #1 Bestseller, so it HAS to be the truth)that CERN laboratories had successfully made some antimatter, and a crazed religious zealot killed some of the scientists and stole it. He went back to the Vatican and was going to use it to blow it up and part of Rome with it, but then he was going to miraculously save the day and thus insert himself as the leader of the Catholic church. I mean, this is some seriously bad stuff. Catholics using WMD's of that kind of magnitude? Way more dangerous than national healthcare in my opinion....

Now if only George W. hadn't sent all those troops off searching for oil, (oh, sorry, I mean terrorists), maybe something could be done about those glitter-covered vampires up in Washington before they over-hunt all the big game. Hey, I read about it in a NY Times #1 bestseller, it has to be true....

So, I don't think you should be worried about being called a hater. (Oh, sorry, should that have been in ALL CAPS for you?) I think the more likely label you should be concerned with getting is nutjob, fear monger, or, my favorite, wanker.