Sunday, September 20, 2009

Neighbors and stuff

Ok, still don't like my neighbors but I am saying a prayer of thanks that there was a downpour all night so no one's dog was out to bark giving me a chance to calm down.

Plan for today- make brownies, or cookies or something to take over to them. Write a note saying what I was trying to say when they attacked me yesterday. Include my phone number in the note asking them to please call me anytime, day or night, if my dogs are annoying them and I will go and make sure it is my dogs and deal with it.

They don't realize that my part of the street sits in a bowl and everything echos making it sound like it is coming from behind my house. And since the church was put it and the houses across from the church and behind the church on the hill it has gotten worse. The dog that lives on the street that is on the other side of the church barks and the sound is funneled through the parking lot between the hill and the church and bounces off of both the neighbor's house and mine.

Any way. Brandi got to play in the soccer game again yesterday. We lost 2-1. But they are getting better. It is kinda hard for her to go from best player on the team, playing almost the entire game to worst player and sitting out most of the game. But she is getting better and that is the real goal. And she is working hard.

I still am having a hard time understanding the calls the ref makes. There are so many little rules about where each player can be when the ball is here and it is different when the ball is there... And I still don't see how you know who is playing what when they are all out there and the action is so fast.

I found this this morning. I will be watching all the tutorials. Maybe when I am finished I will be able to understand a bit more and actually look somewhat intelligent at the next game on Thursday?


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Noelle said...

It sounds like you are going to handle your neighbor problems better than I handled mine last night...

I'll post all about it tomorrow. :)

I hope the cookies and note help!

Cami said...

Handling it with grace and dignity as I expected you would....seems to me that's just the way you are! :) Have a happy! :)