Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love your neighbor as yourself

Ok guys, I need some serious help here. Because that post title? I am just not feeling it today at all. And it is a situation that I really, really need to remember to be Christ like, love my neighbor, turn the other cheek, and all that stuff.

If I were to ever write a story about how to alienate your new neighbors, this is how it would go:

Move in to new house on Friday night.

Saturday morning have the husband stand in the back yard and throw rocks into the backyard of the neighboring house, causing dogs to bark. When neighbor is woken up and goes to check on dogs, start yelling at them because dogs are barking.

Sunday have the Relief Society president announce that you have moved in and have 2 autistic children and need the entire ward to help raise them. If you see them outside, you are required to watch them until mom realizes they are gone and comes to find them. (you are not members and hate Mormons, but Mormons help everyone whenever and where ever needed so you know you can count on them to do this.)

Monday- attack one of neighbor's childen when they walk out of the house screaming at them to keep the dogs quiet because they bark all. night. long.

Wednesday- attack another member of the family but start with a nice statement by saying, "Oh your yard looks nice. But your dogs are a real problem and I am tired of you and your family so you had better take care of it or I will."

Thursday- Neighbor finds a big pile of dog presents next to car and almost steps in it while trying to get in. Presents are from your dog. That barks every night.

Friday- Wait until Midnight when not a single dog in the neighborhood is barking and the neighbor has just fallen asleep. Call cops and complain about neighbor. Cops come. No dogs barking but warning given. Neighbor tells cop what has happened for the last week. Neighbor also explains that on Wed. when she heard dogs barking she went outside to make sure it was not her dog. Her dog was laying on deck asleep. Other neighbor, through the block was barking.

Saturday- when neighbor sees you outside and wants to talk to you about problem, yell at her, swear at her, call her stupid and tell her that you know more than she does about whos dog is barking because she has no intellegence. Then 5 minutes later when she is out in her back yard, petting her quiet, non barking dog and you are standing on your deck looking into her backyard, and someone else's dog is barking, start telling your wife how stupid the neighbor is because she can't even tell her dog is barking while she is standing next to it.

Seriously folks. My thoughts towards these new neighbors have been less than charitable this week and far less than Christ like today. If you could even imagine the horrible things I have thought about them you would not even be close. And the things I have muttered? My mom would not be happy. She wouldn't need soap but she wouldn't be happy. And my kids are not being taught how to be Christlike toward those that are less than kind.

This type of issue has happened before. When I finally humbled myself and prayed for my heart and the hearts of my family to change toward that family, things got better. But right now- I don't want to pray for that. But I want to want to. So maybe if you could pray for me to want to?

Because I don't want a war between neighbors. I don't want to be mad all the time. I don't want my dogs to be taken away when it isn't even them. (we have discussed my non sleep issues before and if the dogs, who live beneath my bedroom window were barking all night? I would know) And I truly do want to love my neighbor.

Oh, and just so you know, them not being members or having autistic children have nothing to do with my feelings. It was them that brought it up not me and I have no problem if I see their kids outside with making sure they get home promptly and safely. But when they were screaming at me today they brought up the issue of how Mormons want everyone to be the same. I found it ironic that they would ask for help and then turn around and be so mean to the same people they expected to help them. And to do all this within the first 6 days of living in a new neighborhood?

I really, really do want to love my neighbors. And to be kind, no matter what. I really do. But today I am angry.

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Cami said...

Take them cookies and then.....well....remodel and add more isulation? Wear earplugs? Smile and walk away? Who knows? My moms neighbor accused her of shooting their dogs with paintball guns before I moved here. She's 81. Then they said they see my daughter (yes the one who is leaving on a mission soon...) smoking cigarettes on the back porch. :) When you figure it out, let us know. :) We just laughed. Which didn't change anything....

Karlene said...

Oh. Wow. I had no idea being as I never talk to you anymore. Soooo sorry.

However, let me remind you that you are the queen of living near people that you don't like and finding a way to endure and survive. You'll find a way to deal.

Maybe you could use them as case studies for a psych paper.