Friday, September 18, 2009

I love...

I love a lot of things, but today's post is about those Random Acts of Kindness (RAK days for my kids) the Lord blesses you with. You know, the ones that are kinda hard to pass of as something that just happens.

I am a reader of this blog. Last week she blogged about Luvs diapers. Now, I know that I am way past the diaper stage of my family, but my wonderful daughter in law is not. And her husband, my first born, is gone. Far away. Overseas. Fighting to keep us free from tyrany and opression. And when he comes home (next week or the next maybe, if the military people don't change their minds- again) he will not have a job.

What he will have is a wife that loves him. And two children older than they were when he left them. 4 days after child #2 was born. She doesn't even know she has a daddy that loves her (luvs? her). And 2 kids in diapers and no job is not fun. For anyone.

So I commented on Kristen's blog last Friday. Tuesday Kristen told us who won the 6 month supply of diapers. It wasn't my comment. Later in the day she updated the blog to tell us that someone had donated some money for diapers to a random commenter.

Then Wed. afternoon I got this e-mail from Kristen:


Another of my readers wanted to contribute $50 for a commenter of my diaper post. Your comment was randomly picked for your daughter (in law), I believe!Congratulations!


Kristen Welch

I opened the e-mail while I was at work and had to fix my makeup from the tears. Then I got home and had to run to class. I have not even had a chance to tell Kristina yet. She is probably finding out about it at the same time you are.

Here is the post where she updated that. (Except the link to my name goes to the wrong website. The link used to be mine, but I let it expire and someone else bought it.)

So Kristina, I have diaper money for you. And if you are not familiar with Kristen's blog, check it out. She truly is one of God's angels here on earth blessing lives and giving others that opportunity as well.


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G. Parker said...

That is so cool! Way to go. I know diapers are something you can ALWAYS use... Our prayers are with your son. ;)

Kristina said...

That is so awesome Thank You, diapers you can never have enough!