Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Stuff

1) Wow, when I was having a dilemma with deciding on changing jobs, I had no idea that I would set off such a controversial conversation. Not my intention at all- but I did have a lot of comments. Because I know everyone involved in the conversation, though, this has become hard for me and everytime I get a comment notification with that blog title, my stomach gets all tied in knots and I have started approaching my e-mail box with trepidation.

So I have turned on comment moderation on that post just because I have too much stress right now to feel that way over my blog. K? Love you all and respect all of your individual opinions and I am sure the truth is in there somewhere, it is just not the conversation I wanted to have when I wrote the post. In fact, I may have that conversation sometime, just not right now. And I am glad that it got a response from Dustin. He never talks to me, so a comment from him was great. (Maybe I should send some orange Tic-Tacs? Maybe then he will remember that he does actually have a way older sister hanging around somewhere in the world.)

2) Remember that I told you I was going to open an Etsy shop? I did it. The link is in the sidebar (that I am still working on cleaning up and rearranging along with a billion other things in my life) I only have 4 things in there now, but take special orders. I need a light box so my pictures are clearer when I resize them. You can see more of my work here. I have had a special order from a woman at work and I also had a contact through my Etsy shop wanting me to come be a vendor at a boutique in SLC. Guess I had better get on the new business cards.

3) Speaking of business cards, I need a logo. My business name is BanglesBeadsN'Baubles. Any ideas for a logo? Maybe I should have a contest for a logo idea? What do you think?

4)Brandi's team lost their game yesterday. If I was the type of mother that complained about refs, I would. But since I'm not I won't. I hope we don't have her as a ref. very often. She was one crabby lady and rode one high horse.

But a good thing happened. Kaitlin, the coach, told us when Brandi joined the team that she probably wouldn't play the first half of the season and we were ok with that. We just want Brandi to get the coaching/teaching she needs to develop her talent.

The team mom sent me an e-mail yesterday morning letting me know that she forgot to have me fill out some paperwork for Brandi. I understand, we are only 3 months late to the game after all. She then called me to let me know that Brandi may not be allowed to play because she doesn't have a players card and that the ref would make that decision at the game. But if we had the paperwork then she might be allowed to play. I told her I planned on bringing the paperwork, but that we hadn't expected Brandi to play anyway but just be there to be part of the team and learn from that.

Imagine my surprise when 1/2 way through the first half, Kaitlin put Brandi in the game! And then again right at the end of the game. So even though they lost, Brandi was excited that she got to play. I asked her which ref made that decision. It wasn't Miss Crabby. But we do have to thank Miss Crabby for giving us an opportunity for a lesson on good sportsmanship even when the ref obviously has a favorite team and makes rude remarks about your coach where you as a team can hear them.

5) We are studying body language and face reading in class. Learning teams are in the process of writing papers about what we have learned. We had to read our own face and then the faces of each of our team members and talk about it with each other and give feedback. I learned that I have a soft face, a face that invites people to confide in me, a face that says I have experienced life and know how to handle it- even if it has made me bone weary and life tired. And I have surprisingly few wrinkles for a grandma. Everyone is always surprised at my age given how few wrinkles I have. Everyone guessed me to be 5-10 years younger than I really am. So, if you don't know the answer, how old do you think I am. I'll tell you tomorrow because I don't mind people knowing- I earned each and every year.

6) I don't really have a 6, but I do not like odd numbers and will have anxiety if I end on an odd number. Oh, wait, I know what I can say. Today was my last day teaching the 15/16 year olds in Sunday School. I am sad about that. One of the students came to me at school the other day and asked if it was true that today was my last day. When I said yes, he said, bummer. I had to ask if that was bummer that I was teaching one more Sunday or bummer that I was teaching only one more Sunday. He said bummer only one more Sunday, he wanted me to stay. And one of the students told me today that he had forgotten I wasn't their "real" teacher. I am going to miss them.

7) And darn, 6 made me remember something else. Now I am going to have to think of an 8. Maybe I'll just move 7 to 8 and leave this inane comment as 7.

8) Lately the Relief Society choirister has been calling me to substitute for her. That is a really hard thing for me to do. I know how to lead the songs, but singing on tune? Happens rarely. I have led the singing for the last 3 weeks in RS. For our practice hymn she has us breaking it down into parts. Ha! I laughed. I just remind myself that due to some surgery, my mother can no longer physically sing and it makes her sad because she wants to. So, I can stand in front of the sisters and sing off key because at least I can physically sing. I guess I had better get used to it because the choirister told me that she is going to give me the songs she has picked out for the next 3 months because she just started a new job and has to work a lot of Sundays and she plans on using me when she has to work. I just hope the pianist is not gone on the same Sunday because I am also the permanant RS substitute pianist. It would be like the day I was the only member of the primary presidency that was not ill/in the hospital/or out of town along with half of our teachers.

Ok, enough rambling about stuff that you probably don't care about anyway. I have things I need to do.

Happy Sabbath!


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Dustin and Cindy said...


Don't feel bad. I don't talk to anybody. My communication genes are 100% Hulsey male.

Karlene said...

I'm not good at designing logos, but if you know what you want, I can build it for you--and make you business cards, etc.