Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saving Madeline

As a public defender, Caitlin McLoughlin dreams of someday locking the bad guys in prison instead of defending them. But prosecuting jobs are scarce, and Caitlin’s future seems bleak. When her current client is about to walk away from a brutal crime, she risks her career to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone else. But how far is she is willing to go— especially when she needs her job so she can continue caring for her mentally disabled sister? Then Caitlin meets Parker Hathaway, charged with kidnapping a four- year- old child. Just another criminal, just another job, Caitlin thinks. But when she learns the real story, she realizes that she must put everything on the line to defend her client and save the little girl before it’s too late. Saving Madeline is the story of a man determined to protect a child he loves, and the woman who dared to trust him.

I read an advanced review pdf copy of this book. I was in the middle of a class called, "Legal and Ethical Practices". I found that to be an interesting dichotomy as I read this book because some of the things Caitlin does are really not wise and she, along with the reader, question the ethics of her choices.

We are introduced to her first dilemma early on in the first chapter. The decision Caitlin makes here sets the scene for what comes after. It also caused me to stop and think about whether I agreed with her actions or not. In theory but perhaps not in practice. But then again...

Questions like this were running rampant in my mind throughout the book. I was being exposed to them both in the classroom and in this book. Just because something is the law, does that make it right or fair?

And if you know that someone did something unethical in order to make the right outcome happen, what would you do about it? And for Caitlin, the question becomes just who is it that knows? Or does someone know? And what does that mean now? for her career? for her personal life?

And faced with the same circumstance and decision, what would you do?

I was a foreman on a jury once. Every single one of us jury members knew the defendant was guilty. But we didn't have enough evidence to find him guilty. We wanted to. We could if we wanted to. We were the jury after all and we had that power. All we had to do was agree that the evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. Then I could mark the paper with an "X" next to the guilty box and hand it to the baliff and wait for the judge to read it in court.

But we all knew that the evidence did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. There just was not enough and he was going to go free. Again. And probably do it again. But the next time he could hurt or even kill someone. So we did the only thing we could do in this circumstance. I marked the "X" next to Not Guilty, we all signed the paper, I handed it back to the baliff and we went home knowing that we did the right thing and hating it.

But we were also left with the question- "Is it ever ok to do what is fair, even if it is not right?" I have always been glad that my name is not Solomon.

As for Caitlin? I am not sure she did what was right. In any of her choices with her clients in this novel. What they desered, yes, but what was right? You be the judge.

My verdict on Saving Madeline? Read it, then make your own case for or against her actions.

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Where to buy and general info:

Shadow Mountain Softcover Tradeback $17.95

Romance, 321 pages.

First printing in September 2009

ISBN 13-978-160461-049-3

Book also includes a discussion guide.

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L.Jo said...

*insert generic comment here*

Kidding! The story sound intriguing . . . like what "Nineteen Minutes"might have been like if it had been about the defense attorney. I'm intrigued . . .

David G. Woolley said...

Nice review Sandra. Its great you were studying the law at the same time you were reading this novel. It made your reading that much more thought provoing. And isn't that what good novels do? Make you think.

Thanks for the review.

Cami said...

That provoked some thought. So, if a person TOLD you that they were going to do something "unethical" in order to make what they believed to be the right outcome happen...and asked you to keep their confidence....??????? :)

Kay Scott said...

I don't usually rush out to buy the latest novel of this ilk, but your review totally made we want to read this book. Like Lacey, I'm intrigued! Nice review.

Dad Mom said...

Well, I'll admit we have read Rachel's books and if we don't win we will just buy it. Hope you are having a good day. Love Dad

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I totally want to read this book! Thanks for the contest!

Karlene said...

Sounds really intriguing. My "to read" stack is so big that I don't know if I want to win or not. But then again, once you get so far behind, what's one more book, right?

Becki said...

Oh, I can't wait to read it!! It sounds soooo good!!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the review. It nice to think about it from a different point of view.

Suze said...

I'm in the middle of reading it now. My comment is simply for selfish reasons.....I hope I'm the winner!

nightowlmommy said...

I would love to have the chance to read this newest novel by Rachel Ann Nunes. She is a fabulous author. I have loved all of the books of hers that I have read.

Sarah said...

What a great review! I can't wait to read this book! :)

Send me a tweet if I win! @sarahbelleisk