Saturday, September 12, 2009

Put Your Game Face On

On a lighter note

*Did you see the football game between PG and Hillcrest last night? I didn't "see" it because I was working selling tickets so my back was to the field, but I heard it and could hear the announcing. Just to be clear here, I know marginally more about foot ball than I know about soccer. But seriously folks, even I know that when a team is playing all of its second string and letting the clock run and the score is 48-10 who is going to win. From what I hear, we have an awesome quarterback this year in Dallas Lloyd and the rest of the team is pretty good as well. And the gate total was one of the highest we have ever had for a first home game. I went through a lot of hand cleanser. Touching all that money is just gross.

*Today is the first game for Brandi's new team. Cleats- check, shin guards- check, water bottle (new, uncrushed)- check, uniform-waiting. She will get it at the game because someone else is bringing it so it gets half a check. Homework for her to do on the drive to Layton- check, homework for me to do for the 45 minute practice time- check.

Because I got behind on stuff I am supposed to do, I will post a book review later this evening. I was supposed to have it this morning and I had plans to write it and set it to post today, but didn't get it done. I promise to do it before I go to bed. The book is:

Saving Madeline by Rachel Ann Nunes

And just as a preview- loved it even though it had parts that had me saying "Are you serious!!" They were the parts that made it so outstanding and made me think about what I would have done in the same situation. Coming to a blog near you this evening.

Wish Brandi's team luck today.


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