Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Your Birthday!!

Today is Jessica's 22nd birthday. If you don't know this amazing, wonderful, brilliant, talented woman, then I feel sorry for you.

Jess took this picture in my fairy garden. Who knew that my garden looked this good?
Go to her blog and see some more of her work.
She took most (if not all) of the rest of these photos
She also took my profile picture
She is the only one that can take my picture and I look good.

Isn't she pretty?

And she has been my right hand for more years than she should have had to

She even looks good in the snow

Oh, and did I tell you is going to graduate from college with honors?
Amazing stuff for a girl that had to struggle and fight for every single passing grade in high school.
But once she got in her element and was given the chance to grow and shine
Shine she did. I always knew she would

Love you sweetie,
Happy Birthday

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Dad Mom said...

I don't know how any one can look at her pictures and not see the talent. And that is not just because I'm a prejudiced Grandpa, either. Dad

Dad Mom said...

Maybe I need to clarify. When I said look at her pictures, I was referring to the photos's she takes, to see the talent she has. Dad

Noelle said...

Happy Birthday to Jessica!!!

Jess said...

Ha ha ha Grampa you crack me up.. Love ya tons and hope to see you soon!! And thank Noelle!

Dad Mom said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart. Love ya'. Grandma

Jess said...

Thanks Grandma!