Friday, October 30, 2009

Persuasive Paper

Today I have a guest blogger, Brandi. Today she is going to try to persuade you to believe that winter is the best time of year. I have included her entire essay below and have not changed any of the spelling or grammer. So, this freezing, cold day before Halloween, get a cup of cocoa, sit back and enjoy. Oh, and be aware that these ideas are the sole property of the author and do not always represent reality at our house.

My faviorte time of year is winter. Some people say its the coldest time of year or "its too cold to go out side". I think it a perfect time to go out side and play with your kids. Its also a good time to go jogging. Not to hot and not to cold if you wear a coat.

Most kids have a great time in winter but thats mostly beacusse of Christmas. Kis never for get about Santa and all the preasnts. Most parents say oh great screaming little kids that wont go to sleep. If they don't go to sleep then stay awake with them and on Christmas after the preasnts its nap time!

My faviorte part is probably the preasnts, snow, and all the food you can fit in your stomch! YUM! Besides that you can go to sleep and leave your little ones play with toys. Not such a bad idea after all. now do you think that winter is the best time of year? Well if you dont then keep reading because ill convice you edvencually. Dont worry itll happen soon. If you don't want anoying little kids all day then go out side and build a snowman and get the hyperness out of them. Winter is way better than summer or sping or fall. Summer is boiling hot, do you want your kids getting heat stroke? Fall is breezy. Kids traking leafs all over the house. Not a good idea. Plus all the talk going around about dead turkeys. Not such pleasnt memories huh. and halloween candy is bad for the kids. What about the goblins and grim repers. Spring brings valitines day witch leads to love witch leads to crushes at age 5. Do you want your child not paying atetion at school beacuse you like valitines day the best. So do your self a favor and be happy about winter. You can still like other times of year but winter should be your faviorte.


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Noelle said...

Oh Sandra...I'm laughing with tears...what a doll!!!!

"all that talk about dead turkeys..." Ha ha ha!!!

Tell Brandi she convinced me.

Cami said...

Lol! That was great! Of course I've always loved winter best to begin with! Yeah, all that talk about dead turkeys....real stomach turner! LOL! Keep writing Brandi, you're awesome! Thanks for starting my day off happy! :)

Karlene said...

Love it! You haven't quite convinced me that winter is best. I kind of like dead turkeys and grim reapers. But you definitely bring up some ways to enjoy the winter time with the kids. :)