Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in Pictures

My halloween day in pictures (and a few words)

I took part in a Halloween gift exchange. My swap partner was Brittany from this&that and tangledandtrue.

The only thing better than getting a package in the mail is getting one that is full of surprises.
This is what she sent.

Cupcake mix, m&ms, spider earrings, nail polish, thankyou notes, a BOO plaque, mice & hole decorations for the house. The girls had a blast making the cupcakes and we had a blast eating them. I thought I had a picture of the plaque above my kitchen sink, but I guess not. Just know, Brittany, that it has found a permanant home each Halloween. I loved opening this package!
The women in the office wanted to dress up as football players. I really did not want to. I don't understand wanting to dress up as a guy. I was so happy when they decided not to, but to dress in 50s costume instead. Brenda didn't want to dress up at all, but we talked her into it anyway.

Brenda, me, Shelly, Sheryl
I wish you could see my poodle and how big my skirt poofs out. I wore one of my dance slips under the skirt. I forgot how much I miss dancing until I put it on.

Ethan and Brandi before school yesterday. Ethan as a Zombie, Brandi as a soccer player, wearing her lucky beanie. (called that because they won their last game of the season the day before)

Me and Ethan before school

Brandi at Karlene's house (photo by Karlene)

Me at Karlene's

Brandi strutting her fairy stuff. I bought this fairy costume for me. Obviously the size on the package was a lie because it did not fit me.

So I decided to wear my kitty costume from about 3 years ago.
One thing about losing weight-- nothing fits anymore. I looked like I was wearing Aunt Fannie's nightie. Thank goodness I had a belt I could put on. Except even it was too big. And I couldn't find my tail. Or my ears, so I had to wear Brandi's kitty ears.
Then we headed over to the neighborhood "Trunk or Treat" where I ran out of stuff in 20 minutes! But it was nice to see and chat with the neighbors.

Getting ready

After we got home I found these glasses in my purse. So I put them and the fairy wig on. Pretty kitty?

But my favorite part of the whole night?

These two sweet little trick or treaters:

Hunter as a Duck Hunter in his blind.

Jordan as Raggedy Ann

I love my babies.
In other news- I didn't go to Logan today with the marching band because:
1. I was not feeling great
2. I wanted to see Jordan and Hunter
But the band did wonderful for their last in state competition for the year- 1st place, best color guard, best music, best visual and a superior rating! Way to go boys. (and the local paper has asked me to write an article about the marching band season)

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Sandra said...

OK, blogger is being weird. This is not what the pictures looked like when I wrote the post, and I can't get them closer together or the way they were in my draft. Sorry.

Dad Mom said...

Oh, what a cute Raggedy Ann. How inventive, a duck blind. Love Mom

Karlene said...

Jordan looks just like a baby doll! Hunter looks cute too. That is so clever. I love babies in costumes.