Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today and coming attractions

November is the month that everyone starts thinking about what they are thankful for and I am no exception. But I am not going to turn this into a month long thankful post. This month there will be all kinds of things going on here at The Dance. One of them is going to be a give-away, just in time to help you get a jump on your Christmas Shopping. (Go here for a sneak peek at samples.) Maybe some Thanksgiving stories or recipes or decor, or just musings on my part. So get ready to join in the dancing and merry making with me.

But today is going to be a thankful post.

I am thankful that this

With all of its cold and snow and freezing temperatures, carrying of blankets and chairs and umbrellas and gloves and various other attendant paraphernalia has turned into this

with bleachers and furnaces for the comfort of the spectators. No stupid off-sides rule that I could never understand until the second to last outside game and how does anyone every see that anyway??? No out of bounds, shorter halves and faster pace and so much more fun to watch and Brandi says so much more fun to play.

And when the game is over, I am so, so , so thankful for this

for Brandi's uniform and UnderArmour because sometimes? I have to roll down the windows to stand the ride home.

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