Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bullet Points of Life

  • When grown children come home from a war they should:

1. Get a job soon, please, so they can

2. either move back out and take their piles of stuff with them or rent a storage unit for their piles of stuff, because I really want to use my family room again or even just walk down the hall without having to turn sideways

  • Why am I the only one in the house that knows how to work the toilet paper holder? Really people, its not rocket science.
  • And as long as we are talking about things that it appears only I can do, add run the vacuum, the mop, a dust rag and the water in the kitchen to that list. But they have mastered the washing machine and dryer. I blame it on genes from their dad because he could never do any of those things either.
  • We got a rabbit today. I said "Only if you build the cage, clean it, buy the food and take total responsibility. AND it can never, ever come in the house." But it is small and cute and brown with a cute wriggly nose and big black eyes. I am not sure how I feel about him aquiring an animal, though. The last time I said "Ok, but only..." I got stuck with the dog- until she mysteriously died last month. And I also have her puppy, that I never asked for.
  • If you had told me 1 year ago that today I would watch a college soccer match and understand it, I would have laughed at you. If you had also told me that I would not only understand it, but enjoy it, I would have laughed hysterically and called you silly. And I would have been wrong because today I did.
  • Brandi and I went to Barnes and Nobel after the game. I needed a book for class. I kept getting sidetracked. She said to me, after about 45 minutes, "Can we just go now? And don't stop to look at another thing, Mom. Just keep walking, and hurry."
  • She likes books as much as I do. If she is not playing soccer or drawing she is reading. She talked me into buying her a book at the bookstore. She started it in the car on the way home and she is reading it outloud to me right now as I type this. I had to take it away until she cleaned her room. It is Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Dog Days, the only one in the series she didn't have.
  • This is for my mom- Ethan is hoping he gets the new Leven Thumps.
  • Jake just called me from Vegas to tell me that the marching band took 3rd and is headed into the finals so they won't be home till tomorrow instead of late, late tonight.
  • Ethan just called me from Vegas........
  • I wrote and article for the school district paper about the marching band's season. I have also been asked by a local paper to write an article for about the band. Maybe I will share it with you, if you want.
  • I need to make 25-30 more pieces of jewelry for the boutique I am selling at this coming weekend. If you are close, come by and check it out.
  • I hate the class I have right now. I probably won't get a 100% in this class. I also have a ton of homework to get done for it before Tues. evening. I keep putting it off because I find it pointless and boring. Hence the ridiculous, long list of things you never wanted to know.
  • Did I tell you I have lost weight? I hadn't realized how much until I saw a picture of me taken about 15 months ago. And the only thing I changed is I no longer eat sugar. And by sugar I mean sugar, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame... Grocery shopping was a pain for a while because I had to read every. single. lable. every. single. time. Now I pretty much know what does and doesn't have sugar et al added to it and what doesn't. But if I am buying something new, then I have to read. Oh, and no more white flour or any processed foods at all.
  • The picture on the left, below is the one I ran across while looking for another one. It was taken about 15 months ago. The one on the right was taken last week. I hope you can see the difference. About 25lbs difference. By this time next year I would like to see another 25 lb difference. In fact this morning the scale said 2 lbs less than last week. Yay me.

Ok, enough silliness and list making. I have laundry to fold and put away and about 3 more loads to wash, bracelets to paint, books to read, a floor to mop......
But at least I don't have to wait up for anyone tonight, they won't be home until about 3 A.M.


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Jeri said...

I can totally see a difference - good for you!!! Maybe I'll have to cut back on some sugar and white flour in addition my newly acquired exercise goal...

Jeri said...

oh - and PS - if it's in the genes (all that stuff only the mom can do) I'm wondering how it got into my family - maybe we're related somehow???

Karlene said...

I think you look great! I noticed.

And that gene thing? I'd say it was the Y chromosome except while I'm sitting her reading blogs, my DH is cleaning the kitchen and my son is vacuuming. I think I just got very lucky.

Noelle said...

You look FABULOUS!!!

Do you make the changeable watch bands?

I'll head over to your other blog and look for myself. :)