Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Contest

Let's play a game. Winner gets a copy of Stolen Christmas, autographed by me.
All you have to do is answer the following questions. You can answer in either the comment trail or e-mail me with your answers (
I will leave this post up until Sunday, December 6th. At 6 pm. I will go through all of the entries. The one with the most correct answers wins the book. If there are more than one with the same amount of correct answers, I will put the names in a hat and have Brandi choose one.

Have fun!!

1. Where would you go to hear Silver Bells? ________________

2. Who was it that danced with the silk hat on his head? ______________

3. Where would you find Reindeer Paws?? ______________

4. What did the cattle do to wake the poor baby? ______________

5. When did I see those three ships? ______________

6. What size were those Kings of the Orient?? ______________

7. What is it that helps to make the season bright.? ___________________

8. Who wants a pair of hop-a-long boots, and a pistol that shoots? ________

9. Who still wants a hula a hoop? ____________

10. Who kept time to the drum? ______________

11. Who and what color was the animal that gave the hay to pillow his head ? _______

12. Where do the hopes and fears of all the years meet? _________________

13. What would keep me warm all the way home? __________________

14. What does Susie want? ___________________

15. Why does the child want his two front teeth? __________________

16. What was the other reindeer's name?? (she used to laugh and call him names)________

17. What was the horse in Jingle bells named??? ______________

18. When will I finally go? _______________

19. What color is Christmas without you? __________________

20. What is the parson in the meadows name? _______________

Extra Credit:
• Where does one go a wassailing? ___________________________

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Jeri said...

I was going to so some goggling to get all the answers so I could win the book, but then thought it would be more fun to see what I could do on my own...

1 - the city
2 - frosty
3 - up on the rooftop
4 - lowing (spelling?)
5 - on Christmas day in the morning
6 - no idea - how about 8 ft tall (that's my son's guess)
7 - turkey and some mistletoe.
8 - somebody and Ben. Bobby and Ben? johnny and Ben??
9 - Alvin (the chipmunk)
10 - don't think it's right, but I'll take a wild guess and say the little drummer boy
11 - ???? brown donkey??? don't think I've ever heard this one!
12 - in thee tonight. (o little town of Bethlehem)
13 - if you'll really hold me tight
14 - a dolly
15 - so "I can wish you merry Christmas" - (not to mention sister Susie sitting on a thistle)
16 - the girl - I think her name was Claire or Clairece or something that started with a "c"??
17 - no idea - didn't know it had a name
18 - I feel like I should know this one.... but I'm drawing a total blank!
19 - blue (go Elvis)
20 - Parson Brown

EC - all over the town
next time won't you sing with me?

THANKS - that was fun.

PS - if you're thinking that the horse's name is "Bob" - it's not. it just means he has a bobbed tail. They would cut the tails of carriage horses short to keep them from getting caught in the reins. (i learned this in my son's preschool class)

Jeri said...

I promise I didn't look it up - for "some reason" I've had songs in my minds all morning - and voila' the OX and LAMB kept time.... (#10) I had the right song at least...

Karlene said...

Oh my gosh! I absolutely refuse to think hard enough to answer your questions.

But that's okay. I don't need to win. I just ordered my own copy. :)

Karlene said...

Hi.At hospital checking Jim in. I can't get to my email but needed to get you a message.

I dropped by this morning. Tried to get there yesterday. I knew you'd be gone already but Brandi was still there. I left something for you. Told her to put it on your pillow where you'd be sure to see it when you get home.

Also, do you know if Grove Crest is doing a book fair between now and Christmas break?