Thursday, December 3, 2009

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

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I am going to take a break this weekend. I am having that no longer needed screw taken out of my foot this morning.

I enjoyed having it at first because it held my foot together so nicely. But the last couple of years we have not had a compatable relationship. At first, he let me know he was there only occasionaly, mostly in the winter when it was freezing outside. You see, he does not like the cold but refuses to warm up during the winter. That caused major discomfort. But it only lasts for a short time, when it is really, really cold.

But the last 12-18 months? He has been insufferable. He makes his presence known at all hours of the day and night.

Cute shoes? No way, he says. You wear them and I will let you know how much I don't like them.

Run on the treadmill? Are you kidding! he says. Do that and I will make it hard to walk the rest of the day.

Weed the flower bed? Nope. Don't want to do it and if you do, I will complain about it for hours.

Go to bed? Again, put that blanket on me and I will stab you.

Walk down the hall at work? I don't think so. Feel that pain in the arch of your foot?

See what I mean? No matter what I do to appease him, he complains. Hot bath, warm heating pad, exercise, no exercise, I gave away all (most) of my high heels, lost weight, stopped eating sugar..... He still complains 24/7.

So nice Dr. Rogers is going to take him away and I am going to feel better. I will be able to walk and not be weary. At this point I'll be happy to even sit and not feel pain.

But because I wil have the opportunity to sit down and rest, I am going to take it and let the kids do all the work this weekend.

Sunday- the winner of Stolen Christmas.

After that we'll take a tour of the Christmas tree.

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Kay Scott said...

Glad this is happening for you. Should make the rest of the winter (and your life) more enjoyable. Always good to get rid of bad screws in life, I say.

Karlene said...

Glad you're getting rid of it. As soon as it heals, I expect to see you dancing down the streets.