Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lists of stuff

Please forgive the bullet point post again, but that is my life lately.

*I saw the podiatrist today. He thinks the swelling is being caused by, not a mosquito bite, but a spider bite that was a little deep and into the tendons. He thinks it got infected and then caused a ganglion. Basically a mass of fluid on my tendon. The best thing to do for it? Give me a shot of steroids. So he did. And it hurt. I am glad I know Lamaze breathing because I am not sure how I would have made it through a big, long flexible needle being inserted in my ankle and then wiggled and moved around as he put the meds in.

The good news is that the cold feeling running up my leg shortly after insertion of the needle? The ganglion moving up the mylene sheath, exactly as he thought it would. And within three day there should be no more swelling.

*More news from the podiatrist. The screw he put in my foot 5 years ago really no longer needs to be there. It hasn't needed to be there for 4 1/2 years. I only needed it for 6 months after he put my foot back together. So I have endured the pain for a long time for nothing. But the good news is this, I only have to endure it for a couple more weeks. Dec. 4 he is going to take it out, I can walk on it immediately, (just no running or jumping for 6 weeks) and I can be back to work in a couple of days. I scheduled it for a Friday and I should be back to work by Tue. possibly Mon. And because the procedure is so minimal and just 1-2 stitches and I can be back in normal shoes in 5-10 days, I can still go to my parents house for Christmas. Yay!!!

*I saw the proof to the Christmas story book that will include my story. It goes to press next week. I am so excited about it. Do yo know what it feels like to see your name on a piece of published material? That other people will buy? And read? and like? (or not) Heady stuff, that.

*Should I let my hair grow long again? It is at the point that I either need to cut it and shape it up or endure it until it is long enough to do something with. Opinions?

*Did you see this. I won't go into my tirade, but they didn't get it right. Ethan is pictured but he does NOT march for the AFHS band, he is wearing a PGHS uniform, (did no one notice that he is wearing blue and the rest of the pictures are of black and red clad band members) AND he is not holding or playing a tube but a sousaphone. And that is all I am going to say on that subject because anything else I have to say would sound like "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha".

*So when a friend stops talking to you for no reason and outright ignores any attempt at conversation, does that mean they were/are not really a friend afterall?

*Did I tell you I don't like the class I am taking now? Busy work and boring. But 2 more class periods and 2 more assignments, 2 more quizzes and I am done with it. I really should be reading my chapter right now, but...

*I finished 100 pieces of jewelry for this weekend's boutique. Don't forget to enter the drawing before midnight Thursday. And tell your friends. I would be wondering about the appeal of my work because I only have 3 entries so far, except I have had 3 custom orders and another bulk order for Christmas presents, so....

*I lost about 7 lbs this week. I don't suggest doing it the way I did. I won't give you all the gory details, but it includes being sick. At least it didn't involve anything with the word swine.

*I have used more hand sanitizer this past month than the past 5 years combined. I have also washed my hands more, used latex gloves more, sanitized my phone, pen, desk....

*I really need to go read a chapter and finish filling out the FAFSA update so I can pay my tuition in 2 weeks.

*Before I go I need to tell you that the marching band finished their season with a third place win in their division in Las Vegas. Their scores were good enough that they moved on to the finals. Only 12 bands get to go to the finals. Their are bands that range in size from 25-50 member to bands that are 250+ members competing agains each other in the finals. PG took 10th. Their goal was to be no lower than 10th. 3rd and 10th is an amazing finish to a great year.


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Karlene said...

Yay on the foot thing! Now no one can tell you that you must have a screw loose.

Yay Christmas Book!

Grow it long.

Dump your friend and talk to me. :)

Good luck on the boutique.

Sandra said...

You should see the bruise from the shot. My entire ankle is black and blue. I wore black tights today.

I know on the book. I'll have to bring you a copy when I get it.

I am seriously thinking that I should do long at least one more time before I am old

Yes on the friend thing. Besides, you understand me better- just frustrating because there was no warning, no explanation, just silence

I'll let you know on the boutique

Noelle said...

The foot story made me squimish (how on earth do you spell that?) but I'm glad it's going to get better!

I'm excited for the book! That's awesome!

Did you get my email about the colors for the watch band? It came back saying it was delayed.

Hmmm...what else...oh! Grow your hair long! I'll bet it will look great!

And I'm sorry about the friend thing...that just stinks.

Sandra said...

Noelle, my e-mail account is so screwed up right now. Send it to my g-mail account.

Karlene said...

We should compare shot bruises. Remember that one I got from the IV? Five weeks later, it's still there and almost as dark! Does that mean I'm turning into an old woman?? Noooooo!