Monday, November 9, 2009




November 13-14

I will have jewelry at this boutique, so if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and check it out. There will be all kinds of cute things there and you can start your Christmas shopping early.

Too kick it off I am going to hold a giveaway. Go to my jewelry blog and take a look around. See if there is anything you like and come back and tell me in the comments. Or tell me what you would have me create for you. On Thursday, after I set up at the boutique and am no longer stressed over getting enough jewelry made to make the boutique worth while, I will draw a name from everyone that has entered and you will get a piece of jewelry made with love, just for you.

If you can't make it to the boutique and want to purchase something, let me know and I will create it for you and then list it in my etsy shop as a special order.

Oh, and I needed a logo. I knew kind of what I wanted and asked Jess to create something for me. This is what I told her, "My business name is BanglesBeadsN'Baubles and I need something that says jewelry, mostly bracelets because I do them more than anything else. I am not sure what colors I want. Could you create something for me and then we'll go from there?"

I know, I am a hard client. But this is what she came up with, and I am so pleased. (and thank you Karlene for doing the business card file for me)

I am having a hard time uploading the logo. I am going to have Jess send it to me in a different format and then I will edit this post with to include it.

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Karlene said...

And I like Sari, Bethany, Kristina (with the single flowers), Daydreaming, Flower Garden, Cowboy Polka and Inez. But I think my fav is Flight.

You need to make a vampire one to wear to see New Moon. :)

Sandra said...

What about that black one with the red interior that you liked when you came over?

let me think a bit and I'll come up with something.