Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reach out and touch someone

I need a new cell phone. About 3 years ago I got the free upgrade phone when I renewed my contract.

It was actually a downgrade. And I hate it, but I could never justify spending money on a phone. Something I carry in my purse as a just in case the kids need me when I am not at home. And mostly I ignore it. Something that is very aggravating to above mentioned kids.

But the buttons don't work half of the time. I can't assign every one in my contact list their own ring tone, something that is essential to me. How else am I going to know who I am ignoring? I can only have about 5 messages in the inbox before it tells me that I don't have enough memory and I need to delete something. Really? I need to delete a message I haven't even read yet so I can receive another one I won't read? And then I have to go through about 20 screens to find the place to delete the message.

The only good thing I can think to say about my phone is this- it was free.

I have T-Mobile. I was thinking of getting the new G-3 Myphone. Jessica said, "Um, Mom? I am thinking it might be a bit, how do I put this? technologicaly advanced for you."

Should I be offended?

I'm going with the story that she thinks it will have more aps than I will need or use.

I was thinking of that phone so I could do research and junk like that (read blogs and update twitter, really) while waiting for Brandi at soccer practice or games.

Here are my requirements for a phone:

  • Assign everyone their own ring tone
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • larger memory than I have now
  • ability to put phone on silent/vibrate mode
  • easy to navigate menues
  • ability to make and receive phone calls

Things I don't care about

  • camera
  • video
  • tons of aps

But if it could sweep and mop the floor and do the dishes....

So knowing I am not going to switch from T-mobile, tell me what you like about your phone and why I should get one like it, and why I would use it.


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tawnya said...

I like my phone, but if I were getting a new one, I'd totally get the tmobile iphone rip off...(myphone?). I LOVE my itouch and wish I weren't too cheap to get the iphone. You would LOVE being able to update and surf while waiting doing kid stuff. Don't play into the "you're too old" argument and show them!

L.Jo said...

I love my phone AND I have tmobile!!! It's a Samsung t429 and it's great. Has all the features in your list . . . and a camera, but it's not like you have to use it just because it's there. My favorite part is it has a recorder so you can record your own ringtones . . . which is good becuase if you have a lot of people you want to give ringtones to there's probably not enough preloaded. And it's a slide phone, which I have to admit I have way to much fun with . . . but I overheard some people talking just after I got it and apparently it's harder for toddlers to figure them out and make expensive accidental calls than flip phones, so if Hunter of Jordan gets a hold of it you're good.

Karlene said...

I'm on T-mobile and I almost went with that phone. But. I wanted to combine my Palm with my phone and couldn't find an app I liked. So I got the Palm Centro and I love it. Palm also has a touch that's similar to the myphone. Can't remember what it's called.

To get Palm to work with T-mobile, you have to get if from ebay. Look for one that says "unlocked for AT&T and T-Mobile" and "GSM"--that refers to the Sim card.

AND you don't have to renew your plan for 2 years.