Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So how's that working for you?

Somedays I reall love students. And other days I question why on earth I would want to spend my days with a bunch of adolescent brats. Today was one of those days.

We have a policy at our school- No cell phone use in the classroom. First time the teacher takes it away and you have to get it from the principal after school and you sign a contract stating the second offense a parent has to come get the phone and a third offence you need a parent and you are suspended for 1 day etc.

Miss the world bows down to me got her phone taken away for the second time today. She was in hysterics in my office wanting it back- after the principal told her she needed a parent and said parent told her too bad.

And when I say hysterics, I mean great big heaving sobs of hysteria.

She folded her arms and told me that she was going to force the school to pay her phone bill for everyday we had her phone. Her daddy would hire a lawyer and make us pay. When I told her that was a great plan, but she would lose and did she really expect daddy to pay for a lawyer for a losing lawsuit, she stated that she would force the lawyer to win and make us pay. And besides, she was not leaving until she got her phone. noT, nOT, NOT.

After dealing with her and trying to get her calm down, go talk to the teacher in a calm mature manner, trying to reason etc I finally lost it. I told her she was a spoiled brat and acting like a baby and throwing a temper tantrum was going to get her no where and she needed to suck it up and get over herself and the rules apply to everyone- not everyone except her. (well, my mom is a doctor and my daddy is a police officer so you have to do what I want! {we found out mom is really a nurse})

She flounced out of the office and went to the front office to complain to another assistant principal about the one that wouldn't give the phone back- even called her a 4 letter word. That really angered the first principal who called Miss red carpet and me into her office. The principal then lit into Missy and told her to quit being a baby, throwing a tantrum and acting like a spoiled brat. I don't usually lose my temper with the students and neither does the assistant principal so to hear the same words coming out of her mouth that I had just issued, made me feel a bit better about chewing her out.

One of my co-worker's children was the attendance office during this whole thing and said to me after it was over, "Now that was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life!" And truly? It really was.

Remember this girl? (not my favorite movie, but this tantrum is a great example of what I dealt with today)

And she still doesn't have her phone.


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Kimberly said...


I can see how you'd feel a bit badly over losing your temper, but an adolescent with that sort of attitude NEEDS people to lose their temper. Frequently. And with DIRE consequences even.


Dad Mom said...

I agree she needs to see some one act like her. THIS IS A TEST, ONLY A TEST. Dad can't get his comment to publish for some reason. We'll see if this works. Love Mom