Sunday, January 17, 2010

This I Know

We are studying The Old Testament in Sunday School this year. This is one of my favorite books of scripture. I am not a scholar, by any means, but when you understand this book of scripture, it opens all kinds of doors to understanding the rest of the scriptures. The history is phenomenal- I cannot even begin to fathom the age of events in this book.

Someday I would love to visit Old Testament lands and walk the same earth that these people, my brothers and sisters walked so long ago.

But, even if I never, ever make it there This I know:

I know that God lives and that He loves me.
I know that He created this world and everything that is here.
I know He created all things for a divine purpose and that purpose is to allow me to learn and grow and reach and stretch until I have been refined and learned to live and walk by faith. To trust Him. To believe Him. To turn to Him when I need help.
I know He created the sun, the moon the stars. He created the waters and dry earth. The flowers, the trees, the plants, the fish and the birds.
I know He created man in His image and gave him Eve to create families patterened after the family we knew and loved in our pre-earth life.


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Kay Scott said...

I love your testimony posts. So beautiful!

Noelle said...

I agree with Kay.

I love them too!