Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Everyone has a viewpoint. And they are all different. Even if we agree with each other, our point of view is still different because we have different life experiences. Speaking of those experiences, even if we have the same one at the same time, we will still see it differently, because we are different people.

Now, I know some people that believe that their viewpoint is the only one that exists and refuse to admit that someone else may have a different point of view. These people also insist that they are right- no.matter.what. And the reason they are right is because they have been to school, read a book, heard about someone's uncle's cousin's brother's dog's vet that had the same experience, so they know more than you.

And sometimes the person believes they are right just to argue. Even if they know they are wrong they will argue. If you say blue, they say white even if they know it is blue. In that case I usually let them be right, because sometimes it comes down to whether you would rather be right than happy.

I have talked about my daddy before. He is one of the wisest men I know. He is kind and loving and tolerant and if I need advice I turn to him. He loves the Lord and tries his best to serve Him. But my daddy is also not afraid to tell you when you are wrong or support you when you are right (or even when you are doing something stupid but think you are right). And there are many days I cry for my daddy and wish he lived closer to me (or me to him- whichever would be fine). **

My daddy has decided to share his point of view with the world via his new blog, View From the Ditch Bank. He'll tell you he is uneducated but don't believe him. Not all education comes from a book nor carries a degree with it. In fact, I know people that have degrees and they don't know very much at all. And if they knew half of what my daddy knew, it would increase their knowledge three or four times over.

So, if you feel inclined, head on over to my daddy's place which is, in his words, in the middle of nowhere, next to the edge of nothing, in the southwest corner of a southwest state of the United States on the third rock from the sun, and take in his View From the Ditch Bank.

**Just an fyi, my mommy is just as smart and wise as he is and I miss her just as much- just this post was about my daddy. Love you guys- thanks for letting me and the kids invade your home at Christmas. It is probably really quiet there now- and not so many dishes to wash ;)

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Dad Mom said...

Well, that left me speechless, which don't happen very often. Thanks Dad