Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Best Two Years of His Life

So the call came and was opened. I read over his shoulder because he was dragging it out and I not only WANTED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW! but I was almost late for class.

After he read the place and date, he googled to see exactly where it is and I had to leave for class, and when I got home he was at his friend's house cheering another mission call, so I have not talked to him, read the getting ready instructions or any of that.

I still don't know what it means to be a missionary mom. But I do know that starting May 12 and lasting for 2 years after that, mail to him will be addressed to

Eugene, Oregon, USA English speaking.

Go forth and serve, son.


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tawnya said...

I was sharing a border right! Yay! Eugene is lovely. Isaac lived there for 3 months. And I'm thinking that's the mission that goes south. Maybe he'll serve in Medford. Beautiful town.

loretta said...

I can help you with the getting ready questions, being a missionary mom, etc etc etc. I've done it twice now. All I have to say is It's AMAZING!

Congrats to Matt!

Kay Scott said...

Congratulations to Matt!! I hear Oregon is beautiful. He will love it and the people, no doubt. Being a missionary mom is a wonderful job. You already know what it's like to be lonesome for your sons and that doesn't go away just because they are on a mission; it's just that we wouldn't have it any other way or them any other place. The day of the week their letter comes becomes the best day of the week! It's always awe inspiring to think of the people they teach and how their lives are changing, but it's just (or more so) as amazing to see the growth and changes in our sons as they serve. Glad all of you are getting this experience. Love you!!

Noelle said...

Yeah hooray!!! Tell him congrats!

eloise said...

Congratulations to Matt and all of you. Oregon is beautiful. Uncle Don's mother lived in Trail which is close to Medford. The temple is in Medford. The country is beautiful and I'm sure he will love it and the people whose lives he touches to change their lives forever will love him. We love you and wish we could give you all a big hug. Aunt Eloise

loretta said...

This is what Elder Gary had to say in his email Thursday.....

That is really cool for Matthew, he is going to love it. No I can't email others only family and I would just say congrats. The only advice that I have is 1. It's better to have the Spirit than to be right. 2. When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter who is senior or junior. Your a missionary called to spread the gospel. So just teach.