Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where in the world?

First a request- G. Parker, please use this address (

Now that that is out of the way, on to other stuff. Remember last summer when I took a virtual tour of the world? We are going to do a take off of that this week. But with a twist.

Matthew submitted his mission papers 2 weeks ago. If tradition here in Utah holds, his call should be in the mailbox Wednesday afternoon. If tradition here in PG holds, someone from the post office will call us Wed. morning to ask if we want to come down and pick it up or have it delivered with the regular mail. Since I will be at work, Matt will have to be up to answer the phone.

Matt has decided that the opening will be a party of sorts. I am making cookies and other assorted junk to serve. I have parent-teacher conference Wed. after school from 3:30-7. I have class at 6. He wants to open his call between 5 and 5:30.

We made a deal. I'll stay at PTC until 4:30 then come home, be there when he opens his call, cry, give him a hug and kiss and head out to class. Our hometeacher works in the building where I have class and he is going to stick his head in the classroom on his way out of the building so I can tell him the news.

I was reading the Church News this morning. There are missions being combined and others being split. When that is all done, there will be 340 missions. (Everett, the mission you went to, and our home teacher served in as well, will now be 3 missions!!)

Matt wants to use our big world map and have everyone stick a pin in it where they think he will be called. He wants to give a prize to the person that guesses the closest. (He has no idea what prize it should be though- suggestions?)

If you know Matt, you know it is his secret wish and strong desire to be called to Norway, but he thinks he will go to Brazil. I think it will be the new Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission.

So, where in the world do you think he will go preach the gospel?

And I'll let you know Wed. evening after class.

Unless the call doesn't come this week.


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tawnya said...

I'm feeling stateside. Washington. Or southern California...

ShazBraz said...

I'm hoping England, of course!

Dad Mom said...

Tucson, Arizona or the new Farmington New Mexico (don't know the official name) mission.Denmark would be great. Love Mom

Cami said...

RUSSIA!!!! Popped right into my head. :-)

L.Jo said...

I'm stickin' with Tokyo.

Dad Mom said...

OK so the chances of getting it right are 1 in 340, so why not go with his choice. I will say Norway.
Love Dad/Granddad

Kay Scott said...

In honor of T (my baby), now a missionary in the Philippines Angeles Mission, I'll guess one of the 15 missions in the Philippines. He loves it entirely and thinks he is the luckiest guy in the world to be where he is. Way to go Matt! Can't wait to hear.

Karlene said...

I think he'll be called to mission #172. Or maybe #93.

Or maybe Australia. Wouldn't it be fun to go pick him up there?

Sandra said...

Karlene, Australia would be great, my brother and his wife live there so I could go see them. (except my sister tells me parents are discouraged from picking up their missionary.) Oh, and I would so take you with me.