Monday, February 22, 2010

To buy or not to buy

I need help.

Saturday when I got ready to take Brandi to her soccer game, I realized I only had one good pair of jeans. And they were in the laundry. Slated to be washed later, after the game. And the hair. And the training. And the shopping.

I was stuck wearing sweats all day. In public. And everywhere I went I saw at least 3 people that I knew.

At least I had on makeup.

So while Brandi and I were shopping, I thought I would get a new pair of jeans because that pair in the hamper? They are a bit big and the legs lookk like clown pants. Or sweats, so I guess it wouldn't have been much different than what I was wearing.

Now I have a bit of a problem. I have given birth to a lot of kids and have th hips to prove it.

I try on the pants- a size smaller than what is in my closet thank you very much- and am immediately discouraged.

They slide on and I get them done up. But the waist is too big. Normal for girl pants, though so I will just deal with it.

Hip area fits just great.

But the legs. Clown pants.

I could fold over a full 2 inches of fabric on each leg!

So I tried the straight leg version of the jeans.

Same problem.

I left the store without any jeans.

The only time I have ever had any luck with jeans was when I wore Wrangler's mens jeans (but I still had that stupid gap waist issue)

Tell me, where do I get a good pair of jeans that do not cost me and arm and a leg because I am not going to spend more than $30 for denim.


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Dad Mom said...

MetroStyle, has bootleg leggings. That is what I get because they are not skin tight, but have a little flair in the bottom leg, and fitted through the thigh. They have an elastic waist. I think Penneys has bootleg leggings. Love Mom

tawnya said...

I do Old Navy (the diva or sweetheart) or Kohls (apt 9 line).

tawnya said...

What leg style are you trying? You'll more than likely want straight leg. If you think the leg is wide, don't go with flare or bootcut.

Dad Mom said...

My bootcut are just right, you wouldn't even know they are bootcut. Just not skinny pegleg.

Cami said...

Susi's Deals! They have a really great selection of jeans...but you have to look around and go to the back of the store. Nothing is more than $5.99! I LOVE it! They also have great stuff for girls Brandi's age and size. They are located in that little shopping East of Shopko. Good luck!

Cami said...

Sandra: I wanted to take you with me to hear Dave Woolley, but you have dropped off my contact list on gmail. AND apparently, many of those who have tried to contact me on gmail lately have had their messages sent to Camille1963. That link is about 12 years old! I haven't used it for about 10 years! I only know this is happening because Jessalies piano teacher, who is a good friend of mine, was relentless in trying to contact us and she and her husband discovered where all my mail was going. Worst of all: I can't get into Camille1963. Anyway. It was a very good talk. You were right. He is very incredible. He looked a bit tired. He said he is replacing all the flooring in his mother's house because she keeps tripping on the carpet! This he does while working on his book and who knows what else. He is very sweet to his mother, he kept kissing her on the head. He is a good man. He has definitely devoted his life to his work. It's obvious. Anyway. Leave me a contact on my blog or somewhere that I can reach you. I have a new email through hotmail that I will send you. Good luck with those jeans. My problem is that they are cut so low now days. I HATE that. I am not 17, I am 47!!!!! Sheesh.

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