Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So how was your day?

If I lived with you and you came home today and asked me that question, this would be my response:

*Before the first bell rang this morning, one of my students was hit by a car right outside the front of the school. The witnessess called the police instead of coming and getting me as the school's first responder. He was transported by ambulance, but is fine. If you can call a broken collar bone and broken ocipital bone fine.

*Before 1st period was over 2 boys had a disagreement in the boy's locker room. If you can call one student down on the ground while the other one punched and kicked him into unconsienceness a disagreement. (and the teacher was in his office while the boys dressed and as soon as he was alerted intervened and stopped it being even worse) (and on another side note, this was the end of something that has been going on for about a week, but the victim never reported the other stuff except to friends)

*Before the end of 2nd period I wished the sick room had a revolving door and that I had worn scrubs to work.

*By the end of third period I had 3 more people needing the sick room.

*By the end of lunch I was ready to cancell the rest of the day because I wanted a nap. But no one would listen to me.

*By the end of fourth period I had to tell a student she needed to make up 61 absences. Before the end of the year. There are only 25 more attendance schools this year. (but the principal and I talked about it and are figuring something out)

*Jessica forgot to start the chicken boiling for chili before I got home. And no one did the dishes after their lunch. So I needed to cook and clean before class tonight.

* It snowed all day.

*I got my evaluation from my site supervisor to turn into my professor at the final tonight. He had to evaluate my counseling skills on a 0-6 scale with 0 being "attribute not observed" and 6 being "Consistent, exemplary demonstration of attribute" I got all 4s and 5s (consistent adequate and consistent quality). His notes said that the areas where I lacked were a manifestation of inexperience and he was positive that all I needed was time and experience.

And then I would ask you how your day was and after you told me, I would ask if you would do the dishes for me while I went to class.


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Dad Mom said...

And I would say "yes", and mop the floor and when you get home help you so you can get to bed early. Love Mom

Sandra said...

I laughed because I just got finished asking Brandi to sweep and mop while I am gone.

Next week is spring break and I already told the kids that we are doing an old fashioned spring cleaning with lots of washing of things, scrubbing of walls, throwing away of stuff and shampooing the carpets......
I can hardly wait.

Kimberly said...

You must be SO exhausted - what a day!

Cami said...

Hang in there mi amiga, things will improve shortly. :-)

Karlene said...

I would say, you win. My day was not nearly so eventful. And yes, I'd come wash your dishes.