Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is no joke

Whitney got married today.

And she was gorgeous- as I knew she would.

The reception was beautiful- as I knew it would.

And I am happy for her. I really and truly am.

And I cried- I didn't mean to, I didn't want to, but I couldn't help it.

You see, in my deepest part of my heart, I always hoped that she would spend eternity as my daughter in law.

I always told Matt to never, ever ask her to wait for him because that was unfair to both of them.

And when she went to one college and he to another, I pretty much knew what would happen. Even though she always said she wouldn't get married until she was 25+.

And then that one weekend when she was home from college and came over for a bit? I knew it was only a matter of weeks before they stopped being boyfriend/girlfriend. And I was right.

When your child breaks up with his long time girl friend, there is more than one heart broken and hurting. There are more than one person's hopes and dreams crushed and left to die. And no matter how much you love the person and are friends with them, it just isn't the same anymore.

And when the other person gets engaged? You tell yourself that it is a good thing because now your child can go on his mission with nothing left behind.

And you set about getting the perfect wedding gift.

And you ohhh and ahhh at all the right times- the ring, the dress, the choice of reception venue.

And then you go to the reception and the emotion overwhelms you and you cry. Even though you don't mean to.

And you truly are happy for her.

But my heart still hurts.

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