Sunday, March 21, 2010

This I Know

Before I start I want to say that yesterday's post was not about my family but about me.  Me and my insecurities. My expectations. My issues. And whether they came yesterday or not was not the point of the blog.

Which brings us to today's post

I know that not having family live close by has forced me to learn some things. Here are a few of those things:

  • I am stronger than I think
  • If I need to do something, I probably can. And if I don't know how to do it, I can learn it.
  • I am really not alone. Ever. And those times that I don't have family with me physically, I have family with me spiritually. And it is ok. Even during those times that I forget it and get all whiney
Ok, I just lost my train of thought because I stopped writing to go Donovan and Kristina's to celebrate Jordan's first birthday.

And here is something else that I know. I love Hunter and Jordan with a fierceness that I never, ever expected before they were born. And Kristina? The most amazing daughter-in-law ever and the best mom. Adding her to our family brought so much more than I could ever ask for. So what I know is this- adding people to my family does not decrease but only increases my capacity to love.

And because I lost my train of thought, I am going to end there, knowing that the Lord sent me a family to learn the meaning of love.

Enjoy 2 of my favorite people in the world.

One of my new favorite primary songs


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ShazBraz said...

Man he looks like Donovan in that picture.