Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Hike With a View

The girls and I hiked in a different place this morning. The view was amazing. It is the opposite side of town from the falls. There is a lot of new development going on over there. When the development was first going in I looked at a house up there and fell in love with the view. I have always wanted a house with a huge front room or kitchen window that I could look out and see both the lake and the temple. Here I could do it. (I loved the house I looked at as well, but circumstances you know)

Again today I was taken back by the view and decided that someday I will have a house that gives me this view.

We hiked for about a mile round trip. The first 5 minutes were almost as bad as going up to the falls, but after that it was just enough of a work out to let me know I was working hard, but then the trail would head down for a bit so it wasn't all uphill. But, as I said to Jessica, the bad part about that means that going back is not all downhill. But that was ok because we had never been on the trail before so we didn't know where it went. after about 3/4 of a mile we decided to head back when we got to a place that gave us 3 choices besides turning around. We choose one that looped back around to the parking lot and ended up at the playground equipment you will see in the video below. We stopped and let Brandi play for a bit and then headed home.

That is Utah Lake, The Mt. Timpanogos Temple, the Oquirh mountains (I think, I am not really good at that kind of stuff) and Bingham Canyon Mine (Kennecott) with the sun coming up. (only about 47 seconds but you can see the beauty)

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Karlene said...

No wonder I can't ever catch you at home. You're always out hiking!

Jess said...

Ha ha ha you can kinda hear me telling you what ever I was telling you...