Friday, July 2, 2010


 11 years ago today I was pacing the waiting room of a local hospital waiting for my child to be born. That was weird, I had never had to sit outside before and ask how things were going because I always knew. She finally arrived and I got to carry her to the nursery. She had a head full of hair- something else I had never experienced before. She was calm and quiet and it was rare for her to cry or make noise.

Boy have things changed.

She still has a head of hair and I have no clue when it comes to fixing it. But that is about all that is the same.

She has a collection of Tiggers and a personality to match.

She has a collection of soccer balls and always thinks she needs one more.

She no longer has a collection of junk because I threw it all out. But now she has room you can get in without signing a waiver.

She is not a frilly girly-girl and that is ok.

She loves to read.

She has the world's best sense of humor, very dry but very witty. She cracks me up almost every day.

She hates getting up in the morning and tried to get of going on our morning hike because, "you didn't have to hike on your birthday". But she went anyway (like she had a choice)

She choose what cake she wanted last week and we bought the stuff for it while grocery shopping. Yesterday she decided that she didn't want me to make it, but that she and Jess would do it.

This is what she wanted:

My house only has a swamp cooler that doesn't work very well and the hotter it is, the less it cools. Unless you are standing right under it. It was almost 100* yesterday so you know my kitchen was Muy Caliente. And the girls didn't realize that they should put the cake in the fridge after they cut it and before they frosted it. Or that the frosting should probably be cooled in the fridge as well. I did try to help her rescue it after I took these pictures.

Not bad for a first attempt.
Even if it did slide apart right after this picture and now we have what looks like a smashed watermelon on the cutting board.

Happy Birthday, Brandi1
I love you and am so happy you got to be in our family. 

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Cami said...

Wow. I'm impressed! I know I couldn't have made one look that good! Happy Birthday Brandi! :-)