Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yard work

So we have done quite a bit in the yard this week.

Here is how it looked last week

The wishing well needs a coat of paint. Or three                                                                            

Because the person that "edged" this wouldn't listen to me about how to do it
I have this to contend with.
All. Summer. Long.
I think I have a solution this year.

This one is not as bad, but it suffers from the same edging issue.
See that bird bath with the big hole in the side?
I made it about 10 years ago and it used to sit over by the fence
but I moved it when I put the pond in and I saw the hole.
I have been thinking about what to do with it for the last couple of years.
I have an idea.

The fairy garden.
It is starting to take shape, it is just taking a couple of years
because I have to work within a budget.
But again, I have some ideas.

I got these tomatoes from the Horticulture class at school.
They are behind the swing in the fairy garden because they grow great there
I planted 3 lilac bushes against the fence last year
but the boys "weeded" two of them.
You can see the small left over one in the top right of the picture.
Eventually I will have to find a different spot for the tomatoes
because I have different plans for this spot

This chair needs a new coat of paint
In fact I have a lot of things that need a new
coat of paint this year,

Like that bench, that stool, that little rocker..

I love chairs.
I got these chairs from my sister a couple of years ago.
They have been sitting in my garage waiting for me to get to them.
This year I promised them they would have to wait no more.
Now I just have to decide what they want to look like.

I had a gift certificate for my favorite nursery
I was going to get some Wisteria to go over the arch
But Brandi said,
"Get this Hummingbird vine. The wisteria says it blooms in the spring and
spring is almost over and this blooms all summer, so we would
have flowers all summer if we get this."
Hard to argue with that logic.
We got a butterfly bush as well.
She named the hummingbird vine "Fern".
I have no idea.
Here they are waiting for their new home.

She also talked me into some ladybugs to go on the tomatoes.

Looking from my porch toward the pond.
I woke up yesterday and that small green pot was busted.
I was not happy.
I made that pot a few years ago to use in a different fountain that didn't work like I envisioned
so I put it here.
The water goes up to a hand pump and out into the pot and over some
flagstone back into the pond.
Now I have to figure something else out because if I let it just flow
from the hand pump I loose water and drain the pond.


Matthew's cat, Scoop, supervising the weeding process

The wishing well wearing new color
It probably needs a couple more coats of paint
because the wood was so dry
but this is probably all she'll get this year
And I still want to put some flowers in her bucket

I really need to divide these this year and give some away
I have them in too many places
They and the lilies are taking over this flower bed

Remember that broken bird bath?

I painted it
Put some fairy houses in the top
because it no longer held water
Got a little ladder from the pet bird section at Wal-Mart
Painted the ladder...

And made another place for the fairies to live

If you look at the top middle of the picture
You will see where the butterfly bush now lives.

I started on the stool but when I went to Home Depot to get a new seat,
they don't carry them anymore.
At least not at the Home Depot I was at.
They do carry them at the other one, but I was tired of shopping
so I will get it next time I am out that way
Then I will paint it red and put a pot of white flowers on it
and put it in the fairy garden to add height

Also first coat of paint

This bench is too wobbley to sit on anymore. I really need to repalce the wood because the
arms and legs are still good, but not this year.
This year it will get a coat of paint and then
sit next to the path under the second tree
and hold 3 pots of herbs.

It started raining so everything is waiting for the finishing coat of paint and sealer

I thought I had a picture of the hummingbird vine, but I guess I don't. It is now residing
on the other side of the path from the pond so that it can climb up the arch.
I still want to get some Wisteria, but I think I will put it over by the wishing well.

And that is what we did this week so far.

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Karlene said...

Wow, you've been busy!

Here's what I did this week. Sleep. Sneeze. Sneeze more. Moan from a headache. Sleep. Sleep. Sneeze. Repeat...

Dad Mom said...

Wisteria gets pretty big.

ShazBraz said...

It's looking great. Wish I lived closer to relieve you of some of your cast off flowers...

Dad Mom said...

You are doing great.

Sandra said...

Sharon- what do you want and maybe I can make it work.

Mom- if I wanted wisteria, where would you put it in my yard?

Kay Scott said...

Holy cow! You don't mess around. Love your progress.