Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Plans

School is out and it is time to get to work. With no job to go to each and every day, I needed something besides homework to fill my days. All I had to do to find projects for the summer was to look up from the computer. So, so much to do. And only 8 weeks to get it done because I need to be back at the school on Aug. 10 to start getting the counseling office ready for the new school year.

Here is my plan for the next few weeks:

*Girls' room organized- once and for al

*Finish decluttering in:
my room
the garage
the kitchen
the office
the family room/basement

*Organize the sewing room
*Rearrange the family room
*Organize the hall closet- again (maybe a lock to keep the kids out would help?)

my office desk
Outside chairs
Outside bench
Dining room table
Front room chair (re-upholster)

Clean out flower beds of weeds and overgrown/unwanted flowers

Attend Booksellers convention
Read for fun
Go on picnics
Marching band with the kids
Soccer games with Brandi
Post some more how to recipes on my cooking blog wit pictures (ideas?)

Oh yeah, sometime I need to do some homework

So, what do you think I should do in my spare time?

Indeed. add to kirtsy


Dad Mom said...

Break it down for just a little at a time, not so overwhelming. You could do a (one) closet, jeans, shirts, and the such.Pull everything, I mean everything out of a (one) closet, and do one item at a time. If you think you could make it stick you wouldn't need a lock. Get a check out book and make them sign things out and if they are not put back properly a .25 cent fine refundable when the task is accoMpliced properly, BIG AND small alike.

Sandra said...

We did break it down because I don't want to spend the whole day doing house/yard work and the kids need time to play, so we set the timer and work on a specific task for a set amount of time and then decide if we want to keep going or change.

I am working on a post on what we have accomplished this week so far and it we didn't spend the whole day except for one day.

The hall closet is my biggest issue of them not putting back. The rest is not going to be an issue after we fill the dumpsters. :)

Not sure how the fines would work, they would have to have money in order to pay them, so that could be an issue. I think it is just a matter of getting the junk out and everyday I am re-naming more things as junk.

Karlene said...

You need to play! Like, come to see Eclipse with me. I still have a couple of tickets to sell.

L.Jo said...

Fruity cocktail-type drinks. Summery salads. What to do with all this fresh stuff you find at farmers' markets. Because, seriously, I'd love to start cooking/eating more fresh stuff but I have no idea where to even start!

tawnya said...

Oh, Lacey. Really? Come with us to the market on Saturdays!

Dad Mom said...

another thing you might want to consider is, for them to not buy anything new and bring into the house, unless they get rid of something already there, because you have a no room issue, in that house.