Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Need Ideas

Ok, I have a friend that likes to go on road trips, hold give-aways and extravaganzas.  This year she is holding an extravaganza in conjuction with the realase of the movie Eclipse from the Twilight series.

 Did you see where she said, "lots of totally cool prizes from our ever-growing list of sponsors" ?

And did you see where she has me listed as a sponsor in the sidebar?
Kristen Landon
Nichole Giles
Rebecca Talley
Sandra - The Dance
Sarah M. Eden
Suan - Life Is Good
Tristi Pinkston
Yes, I told her I would donate an Eclipse themed bracelet for the Extravaganza. Then I told her I would donate a set of 3 Twighlight themed bangles for the gift basket at the end of the extravaganza. But I have no idea what I want the bangles to look like.
Jess and I have been kicking around a few ideas, but I have not settled on any one of them as what I really want the bangles to look like.
So I am coming to you to get some help. I need to have the bracelets done before my turn to post so that everyone can see it and want it. So if you were going to design a bracelet- either for Eclipse or for the set, what would it/they look like?
In the next couple of days, I will be posting some more on my jewlery blog and in my etsy shop so you can look at them if you want to see what I have done in the past.

Indeed. add to kirtsy

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Noelle said...

Dear Miss Sandra...

The plants are Dwf. European Cranberry Viburnum...

I will have some in a #1 pot and a #2 pot by the end of the week.

I sold out over the weekend. :)