Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Book Review

3 Words for you

In August I attended the LDSBA convention in Salt Lake City, (LDS Book Sellers Association). Then I had to go back to work and school got really busy (2 more class periods then it is only internship!). Because of these things I never told you about all the wonderful things I saw and salivated over while there. And I had planned on doing a post that showed it all to you, but I think the first things I am going to show you deserve their own post.

Here we have the booth for The National Family Institute.

See the picture/advertisement behind them? That is what caught my eye. The 3 Word Journal.  I wanted to know how to do a full journal entry with just three words, because honestly? since I started blogging, I don't take as much time to journal anymore.  So I picked one up and started leafing through it while it was being explained to me.  It took me all of 5 seconds to realize that this was a valuable tool. A tool I could use in so many ways:
Personal journal
Blog post inspiration
Story ideas/prompts
Group counseling
Counseling of any kind

And I could go on. So I bought one and have absolutely loved it. My classmates loved it. My professor- a professional youth counselor- loved it. I bet you will love it to. Give it a try.
Here is an exercise from the front of the book:
Think of a time when you were very embarrassed... When you remember an embarrassing experience from your past, simply summarize it into three words. Here are a few hints about the three words you choose:

  • The words need not make up a phrase or a sentence.

  • If possible, always include a person, place or thing in your three word summary

  • Choose three words that refer uniquely to that particular experience.
Here is one embarrassing moment from my past that I have labeled:
Roger Fire Eraser

The author then goes on to describe the incident brought to mind by these three words. Later when he had the time, he wrote the memory down in a notebook. Your turn.

Another product they were showcasing was The Woman's Success Plannertm
This planner was created by a woman for women. Again, about 5 seconds to convince me that I just may need a planner. The planner comes in 4 spiral notebook type books.  Each  notebook spans a quarter of the year, (Jan. Feb. March- April, May, June- July Aug. Sept- Oct., Nov, Dec)  However you can purchase the entire year's worth of planners at the same time if you would rather.

Because I don't get paid in the summer and had just purchased the other journal, I couldn't get a set of planners, but they gave me an expired one so I could check out the extras, those things that are not time specific and then let you know about the planner.

What I like about the planner:
*It is small enough and skinny enough to carry in my purse
*At the beginning of each month is a list of things to do around the yard/car or inside the house- great help on maintainance for those of us that forget about needing to inspect spark plugs or change oil, or furnace filters.
*It also has a list of fruits and veggies that are in season- a great help with menu planning
*A place for a to do list
*Focus topic for that month and an inspirational quote to go along
*The month calendar page has the goal listed again with a different quote, a column with weekly ideas to accomplish the goal, a place for notes and day block big enough to write in
*There is a place to plan monthly goals in Spirituality/Values, Emotional Fitness, Educational, Service, etc and ideas to help you accomplish the goals.
*Weekly personal Goals and tasks, Every week tasks (clean out leftovers, change sheets, check tire pressure- I had no idea you should do this weekly!)
*A place for a weekly menu and shopping list
*Then we have the weekly calendar pages with large enough spaces to again, take notes
*A place to mark off how much water you drank that day, how many fruits, how many veggies, exercise and any other personal thing you want to keep track of.
*Then daily things to cross off- pick up clutter, empty trash, wash dishes etc (knew all the ones that are there so I would be filling in all of those circles)
*A page for an End of Week Review- What worked or didn't. What did I learn? That type of thing. Place for inspiration or blessings, personal notes, things you want to remember

I could just keep going I love this planner so much. I have used other planners but ended up wiping the dust off of them a few years later when I unearthed them from where I stashed them to get them out of my way. But this planner would stay in my purse and I would use it every day- to track my counseling hours for internship, ideas for internship, keep track of my water, food, exercise. And I promise that I will be using the every week and this month to do lists.

And the best part of this planner? Right now they are having a sale!! I can hardly wait to get my first set.

And the very last thing that caught my eye, and my heart, were these little bronze sculptures. 
I made the picture big so you could see them better.

These little sculptures are done by Mary Adams and are called Moments of Life. She does not have a website yet- I think that is coming soon, but until then you can reach her at

I fell in love with the little boy on the left side of the picture toward the front (Discovery). He is kneeling there with his little hands cupped as if he were holding something very precious.

But the one that stole my heart and cried "Take me home!" was the little girl turning a summersault. I would absolutely love to have her tumbling across my desk at work.

So now go check out the links I have provided, get you some journals and planners (maybe get a couple to use as Christmas gifts) and you can thank me later for helping you get your life in order.

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