Friday, September 17, 2010


A couple weeks ago, the scouts held a milk bottle regatta.  It is where the boys take milk bottles and make a raft. They can use some pieces of wood and some duct tape. Jake's troop got together the Wednesday before the Regatta and tried out a couple of designs because the troops have a short amount of time the day of the regatta to make their boat and then put it in the water and race it against everyone else's rafts.

They finally settled on a design and who would be on the raft rowing during the race.  Our ward had been saving milk bottles for a couple of months and the boys used them wisely. In fact, Jake's troop won by a couple of raft lengths.  Yay boys!

Jake's scout leader is big on taking pictures and then he shares them via Photo Bucket with all the parents.  I went over to Photo Bucket, logged on and started viewing pictures and then saving the ones I wanted to keep.  I  was flipping through the pictures, enjoying myself, when I came to this one. I had to pause because I could not figure out why Donovan was in a group of pictures of Jake's scout troup.

I sometimes forget how much Donovan and Jake look alike.

Indeed. add to kirtsy

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