Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fun For All- Menu Board

Before I go to the grocery store, I take stock of what I have in my pantry and storage room and then I check the calendar and the weather forcast for the next week (do I want soups and stews and chili or sandwiches and salads). Then I make a menu for the week and a grocery list. I write the menu on a piece of paper and hang it on the fridge for everyone to see so they know what we are eating and can help out or start it if I am late coming home or if it is a school night for me.  The plan at the beginning was to recycle the menues but I never seem to want the same combination of meals so I have a file folder full of menues and that was beginning to annoy me.  Then one day I was blog surfing and saw a really cute idea for a menue and I decided to make my own version.

Old cookie sheet
Found at yard sale for 0.25 cents
(frog at the same sale also 0.25)

Cleaned the cookie sheet and painted it black- 2 coats

Then I got some chalkboard paint ($4)

I gave the cookie sheet 2 coats of that
when it was dry I glued some small ribbon across the top
(ribbon- free out of my craft stash)

 I took an old calendar magnet off of the fridge
and my label maker and made labels of foods that
we like to eat regularly.
I included one that says: find your own for those
nights I know I will not have time to cook between
work and another meeting/kid thing/class/whatever.
I put the labels on the magnet and cut them out.

I also made Sunday/Monday/Tuesday etc. labels

And this is the result.

I did the chalkboard paint so that if I didn't have a label
or if the meal is a once in a while thing
or I can write the page of a recipe.
And switching the meals around during the week?
So easy now and no messy scribbling.

Now I need to find someway to hang it on the wall by the stove- maybe put some cutsie something on it.
Either way, I am really liking my new menu board.

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Noelle said...

So cute! And the look on Brandi's face makes me laugh.