Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts-Random edition

*I went to the dr. today just to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be with my toe and that it was actually healing well. He took x-rays and it is good and truly broken. I sheered it right in half on the shank of the little toe. If it had been just a fraction lower I would have had to have surgery- again.  But the good news is that it is still in place where it should be and healing fine. I just need to keep wearing the lovely blue shoe and stay off of it as much as possible. The bad news- no hiking, no treadmill and limited yoga for 4-6 more weeks.

* I went to a counselor conference today where BYU was there to present all of there new enrollment requirements and to let counselors know what they have to offer our students. (I went to the one at U of U 2 wks ago). If I had known how inexpensive BYU-Hawaii is I may have gone there instead of BYU-Idaho (Ricks when I was there) Seriously, the plane ticket over there is almost as much as tuition. Maybe someday we will need to have a field trip there.

*BYU gives counselors way better stuff than the U does.

*Tell me why I can't have a simple conversation with my kids' dad? Why does the simplest exchange turn into an argument? Really, I am a grown woman, I can control my temper and my thoughts and my feelings. Until he walks in the room and then my blood just starts boiling and hate and venom spews out of my mouth- even if I am just answering a yes or no question and the temperature drops by about 30+ degrees.

*I get to see the marching band perform this year's show for the first time tonight. I am not sure I am going to stay for awards, though. I might stay and watch my niece. We'll see how cold it is because once my foot gets cold the toe starts hurting and I still have to drive home and I can't take pain meds because of a bunch of other stuff.

Brandi's team played their last game of the season last night. They lost. the ref was not fair, in my opinion. When the other team had one of our girls by the arm and was pushing our girl and hitting her in the back and then our girl shook the opponent's arm off, the ref called a foul on our girl? Really?  and gave our coach a red card for asking for clarification on the call? It was downhill from there. But our girls played well and fought hard (and fairly) for the entire game. Now it is indoor soccer and then the tournament in St. George in late Nov.

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Noelle said...

I have someone in my life that makes me just as mad. Just thinking about the person ruins my mood for hours. For me it's because this person hurt me so deeply and I simply can't fathom how someone can treat someone else so so so hurtfully.