Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Book Review- Birthday Time

Because it is Thursday, I would normally do a book review. But today I am not. Nope. Instead I am going to say how very much I love my mom. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be just like her. Now that I am older I know that that will never happen. She is the most amazing person I know-

She is the only girl in her family of origin- smack dab in the middle of a passle of boys- 5 brothers. She learned to give as good as she got.
She knows what the expression, "until the cows come home" really means.
She knows how to plow and plant with the best of them.
She makes the tiniest stitches when she is quilting.
She gave birth to and raised 7 children.
She has 23 grandkids.
2 great-grandkids (and one on the way, yay!)
She canned more food this summer than I did. Probably more than any of us even thought about. And had produce left over to give away.
She works in the temple 1 weekend a month.
If my house was even 1/10 as clean as hers I would be ecstatic.
I don't think she ever sits down.

 I think it is too bad that you don't know her (unless, of course, you do then you know what I mean)
When the kids asked me what birthday this is for her, I was shocked because I still think of her as 30ish.

So today, Mom, sit down, put your foot up (yes, I said foot) and do nothing for once. K?

I love you and happy birthday!

In Florida 

At my nephew's wedding 2 yrs ago
with my dad
and all their children
(minus 1 that lives in Australia)

Florida again

In Australia
My sister and my dad

Indeed. add to kirtsy

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Dad Mom said...

Thank you. I did sit down and put it up for awhile. Love you. Mom