Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Contest time!!!

Ok, so it is time for the gingerbread contest. I know when I had the original idea I wanted to have the houses done by this coming Saturday, but I think I will change that. So here are the "rules" and all that jazz:

Here are the rules:
*Everything must be made out of something edible and held together with frosting. Exceptions-I don't care if your base is not gingerbread and if it is held together with hot glue, but everything else needs to be held together with frosting.
(I just bought a premade base at Wal-Mart for my house this year)

*If you want to team up with someone else to create your house, that is great. Call your kids together and make a plan, design a house and then build it together. Great family times here.

*After you are finished with your house take a picture or two of it- front, back, sides, inside if applicable and then send the picture to me (post it on your blog if you want) I will then post all of the pictures on my blog and we will all vote on them.

*If you have friends that you think would enjoy this, invite them because the more the merrier I always say.

*Pictures of house need to be sent to me by Friday December 10

*Voting will be December 11-15

Categories and prizes
Overall favorite= photo shoot with Jessica
Best use of candy=Autographed book, Stolen Christmas
Most creative= your choice of a piece of jewlry from my etsy shop

And if you want to bake your gingerbread but don't have a recipe you can get one here

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eloise said...

I just want to say I think you are awesome and so giving. I have great admiration for you how you handle your unlivible situation. I am a wimp and can't handle a lot, guess the Lord knows us all but still I want you to know you are special daughter not of only your Dad and Mother but great and loving heavenly parents whom will someday put their arms around you and a jeweled crown on your head. Love you, Eloise

Karlene said...

This is awesome! But I won't be participating. It's outside my ability to see the joy in this activity. But, I LOVE seeing other people's results. :)

Sandra said...

So the fun for me this year was getting those little premade houses at WalMart, putting the grandbabies in aprons, smearing the houses with icing and giving the babies a plate full of sprinkles and stuff and letting them load the houses with whatever they wanted.

Pictures coming.