Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Makeover

I spent the morning mucking out the downstairs. I took a break about noon. That break is lasting until another day because it is a bit overwhelming to me. I have no idea how one grown marine could have so much stuff and how he could spread it through so many rooms. I love my child, but I really need him to get an apartment soon.

As I was cleaning I was thinking that I would love to just take everything out of every room and start over.

My desk in my office is old. It was old when it was given to me 26 years ago. I spent last summer trying to figure out what I want this desk to look like. When I found this picture I knew it was what I wanted.  I can hardly wait to finish mucking out and rearranging where furniture is in the house and then get started with the redoing of my desk.

I really hate my family room. It is long and narrow and dark. It feels like a dungeon down there. But if it looked like one of these that would be awesome

 And the cool thing about these rooms is they are decorated using only stuff from Wal-mart.
The reason that is so cool is when I do get a contract, that is the only thing I am going
to be able to afford.
Especially if I am lucky enough to find a house I can afford

I absolutely love this sofa. Donovan and Kristina have one kind of like it
and I love it. Next year it may be my one big purchase
after I get me a new bed.
Speaking of beds, this is the one I want
Totally afforable from Ikea
Now that my kids are older, I think I want to do a white bedroom

or this one from ©Janet Brown Interiors, Eric Roth Photography

Or this one from here

I will just have to take my cue from wherever I end up living

Speaking of moving, I graduate in 12 weeks!! The time has gone by so fast I can barely remember when it felt so overwhelmingly long. Now the job search feels overwhelming. With the educational budget cuts prospects are not plentiful and somewhat bleak. I want to be angry about the budget cuts, except I understand that if there is no money to spend, then it can't be spent and the only way to balance a budget is to cut out something somewhere. But I am still praying that there will be a job somewhere for me. If you want to pray for that too, I would appreciate it.

Speaking of jobs and redecorating, have you seen that little dresser at Hobby Lobby with the zebra print? I love it. If I do get a counseling job I think I may get it for my office if there is room. It would make a great filing cabinet or the perfect place to hold my group counseling items. But again, it will depend on my office.   And did you hear? They are opening a Hobby Lobby in A.F.  Two Hobby Lobbies within 10 miles of me! How did I get to be so lucky?

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Dad Mom said...

Good for you. You have the right idea, cut one room at a time, then go back with the bare minimum. Of course which ever child's room it is have them help, they may not even remember what they have. Someone somewhere would be able to use what you don't want anymore. Love Mom P.S. I hope you are looking wide spread for jobs.

Dad Mom said...

oops, that was suppose to be gut.

Cami said...

LOVE the pictures! The little dresser with the wall paper? That's the wall paper I ordered for my bedroom wall! Do you ever watch the Nate Berkus show? I have to record it and watch it in the middle of the night, when I have time....I love it because he's into budget decorating and has great idea's! Sometime you'll have to take a trip to Springville and check out my photo wall! It's quite unique....and then we could go to lunch, it's been a while! Sounds like your doing great! I'm happy for you!


Dad Mom said...

Where is the Nate Berkus show and when ? Would love to check it out. Love Mom

Sandra said...

Mom, here it comes on channel 5 @ 3 pm. Channel 5 is NBC. Check this link to see where you can watch it there;

I really love his show, I get such cool ideas from him. They make me think that I could even like this house.

Dad Mom said...

You could like it, if things were different. A lot could be done. Thank you.