Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whoopsie Daisy

Today was standardized testing day at work. The seniors were supposed to check out colleges and work opportunities. The juniors took the ACT- paid for by the state board of education throughout the entire state. (so many of them did not realize what an amazing opportunity they were getting. So many that normally would not take it now have an ACT score and it will open so many more opportunities to them. only about 30-40 didn't come and take it) The sophomores took the PLAN which is a pre- ACT. We only had about 30ish of them that didn't come. 200 of our sophomores also took a health survey- I was in charge of that. It has been a big headache and I am not going to go any more into that whole process because I don't want this post to turn into a rant against the company that requested the survey.

I was also in charge of packaging up some granola type bars into a ziplock bag for each classroom and then delivering them. 2 of the counselors and 1 volunteer helped me deliver them to the rooms so that went pretty fast. When I was done, I took the extra bars and passed one to each of the principals and secretaries. I was then headed to the room where I had stuff stored and I had a paper box full of left over granola bars in my hand. The front office has a stupid low wall that juts out from the desk. (originally they were going to put a swinging gate there but changed their minds but left the wall/post that sticks out into the walkway-- really, really stupid stupid stupid)  With the box I couldn't see how close to the wall I was. I tripped. I fell. I hurt myself. But I didn't spill the granola. And only 1 secretary saw it happen.

I told everyone that came running when the secretary called out that the only thing I hurt was my pride and that I was only embarrassed. The truth is this- I hit the wall right where I gave myself my injection in my thigh this morning. There is now a rectangular bruise about 8 inches long that runs diagonally across my left  thigh.  I have a bruise on my right ribs, hip, outer thigh. I wrenched my back, and right arm and right ankle. I have a headache.  I have, in a word- PAIN.

But what I don't have is any broken bones. Yay!!!

(and I walked more than 4 miles by noon and over 5 by the time I came home.)

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Dad Mom said...

Did you get checked out to make sure nothing was wrong ? Don't let something come back to haunt you. Love Mom

Cami said...

Ouch. Sorry bout' that. Hope you get feeling better soon! I agree with your mom....better safe than sorry. :-)

Gloria said...

You really need to be checked over by your doctor, in case Workmen's Compensation should be needed. I worked for a company once that required an examination for just that purpose.

Many times a nasty fall like that can produce many future miseries. Don't take chances.

Just sayin'.


Jeri said...

were you giving the "sharp survey?"

I just saw this link on facebook and I'm wondering if I need to be concerned...


(I'll watch the video tomorrow... tonight i am just TOO TOO tired! but if it was that survey, and you have an opinion or differing perspective, feel free to share